Wellington 2021

28-30 May, Fri–Sun 10am–5pm, Sky Stadium

Deli Collective

Love entertaining? Deli Collective is the feature for you. Deli Collective has everything you need to create a stand-out platter. Cheese, wine & dips galore, plus so much more!

Meyer Gouda Cheese

The Meyer Gouda Cheese story begins in a tiny village in the South of the Netherlands. After visiting a monastery in Postel where monks were producing handmade cheese the…


Craft Pâté

Craft is a small business based in Nelson producing artisan french Pâtés, Terrines and other small goods. Cooked the traditional way every product is hand…


The Cheese Wheel

Experience 4 new artisan cheeses each month, curated for you from top NZ artisan cheese makers. As a "Cheese Wheeler" you’ll receive every month: * 4 new artisan…