Wellington 2021

28-30 May, Fri–Sun 10am–5pm, Sky Stadium

Popped Caramel Popcorn

Stand: F10 – View Map

Popped Caramel Popcorn

New Zealand’s Best Popcorn that Tastes So Good!

When you eat our popcorn collections made from the worlds’ best corn pool sourced in New Zealand & GMO free, you will have many good reasons to always have them for personal healthy snacking, eating with friends & family, and for great entertainment purposes.
Right here at Popped - we have carefully selected and prepared some of the tastiest & most nutritious popcorn blended with flavors of old-fashioned caramel, nuts, chocolates and simple ingredients and spices; all for the mouth-watering treats that you crave for.

‘Popping and caramelizing’ it rightly within the wee hours of early morning each day - happens to be a passion and as the founder of Popped, I fully guarantee that all our recipes and flavors have been duly tested and retested to give you the best; and bring a smile on your face on every pop. ☺ At Popped, we take the joy of consuming popcorn to a whole new level - as we use the finest ingredients blended with fun.

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