Wellington 2020

30 Oct - 1 Nov, Fri–Sun 10am–5pm, Sky Stadium

The Healthy Hub

The Healthy Hub – View Map

Want to eat healthily and feel great? Of course you do! The Healthy Hub makes it easy to find health-giving products by gathering them in one spot at the show.

The Healthy Hub will include:

  • Products free from gluten, dairy, refined sugar, preservatives, and chemical additives.

  • Raw foods, wholefoods, superfoods, plus vegan, vegetarian, and Paleo diet options.

  • Certified organic products, cruelty-free products, and detoxification products.

  • Products and services that promote or support natural health, well-being, fitness, animal welfare, and environmental responsibility.

Harney Fine Teas

Harney Fine Teas are proud distributors of the internationally acclaimed award-winning fine loose leaf teas from Harney & Sons. Suppliers to over 300 high-end cafes,…


Em's Power Cookies

Unleash Your Power! Em's Power Cookies are nutritious and delicious energy snacks, made from Powergirl Em’s personal recipes with ingredients you can trust. They are…


Eden Juice Ltd

For many years our family have noticed the health benefits of cherries. At the start of each season our sleeping would significantly improve but we would then slip back into…


Healthco NZ Ltd

HealthCo NZ supplies State of the Art, TENS/EMS Combo machines and accessories for the relief of Pain, Injury Recovery and general Well Being



Most of the time fruit is the go-to snack but have you ever kept strawberries in your bag all day? Or tried peeling a mango in the car on the way home? It’s just a no go…


Ceres Organics

Visiting the Ceres Organics stand is a treat for every type of taste bud. You’ll find healthy treats, pantry staples, premium snacking and superfoods. Be sure to stop by…


YetteMoosh - Gluten Free

Here at YetteMoosh - Gluten Free we are dedicated foodies, qualified chefs and fulltime parents who won’t let a diagnosis of Coeliac disease stand in the way of a good…


Taylor Farms

Discover Taylor Farms delicious range of salad and vegetable kits for extra taste and convenience. Taylor Farms Chopped Salads Dreaming of a meal where healthy meets great…


Little Beauties

Our mission is to bring joy and surprise through sharing something special. We do this by creating authentic and delicious New Zealand fruit experiences for our customers to…



Ārepa founder Angus Brown began exploring the relationship between nature, neuroscience and nutrition. He was fueled by a desire to better understand the brain and the…


Bennetto Natural Foods Co

Bennetto Natural Foods co is a sustainably focussed chocolate company that specialise in organic, Fairtrade and vegan certified products. Their latest range of single origin…


Down To Earth Foods

Down To Earth Foods is a Organic and Natural Food Company. We are pleased to introduce authentic artisan vegetarian food. Organic products such as Chutneys, Soups, Papadums,…


Food Nation

At Food Nation, we believe plants are grown to be eaten. Good for us, good for the planet and a joy to eat. We take fresh vegetables, mushrooms, legumes, herbs and spices,…