Wellington 2020

30 Oct - 1 Nov, Fri–Sun 10am–5pm, Sky Stadium

New New New Street Food Alley

Got a bit of a rumble in your tummy?  Head to the New New New Street Food Alley where you’ll be in street food lovers paradise - satisfy your hunger, rest your tired feet and try a brew from New New New.

New New New Corporation

Synonymous with the history of global brewing, New New New Corporation defines an era of consumer innocence and easy good times, all from the site of its Fermented Beverages…


Rogue Burger

Rogue Burger is Wellington's cheekiest little burger bar. We believe in the basics - the meat, the cheese, the sauce, the bun. Bloody good food, fresh as, from the best…


The Crafted and Co

The Crafted and Co Catering and Event Crew with a few super rad mobile catering trailers, a cute as little bakery truck and a prep kitchen located in the beautiful Manawatu.…


Two Worlds Paella

The Wellington City Mission has teamed up with Paella Boys to produce and sell ready-to-eat Paella meals. You can choose from chicken, beef, vegetarian, lamb or seafood. For…