The Healthy Hub

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Want to eat healthily and feel great? Of course you do! The Healthy Hub makes it easy to find health-giving products by gathering them in one spot at the show.

The Healthy Hub will include:

  • Products free from gluten, dairy, refined sugar, preservatives, and chemical additives.

  • Raw foods, wholefoods, superfoods, plus vegan, vegetarian, and Paleo diet options.

  • Certified organic products, cruelty-free products, and detoxification products.

  • Products and services that promote or support natural health, well-being, fitness, animal welfare, and environmental responsibility.


VitalZing is a New Zealand drinks brand with a philosophy of no sugars, no preservatives and a fresh approach to innovation. The first innovation was introducing and producing…


Green Dinner Table

Move over granola. Not just for your patchouli-scented neighbour, plant-based diets are hip and they’re here to stay. Enter Green Dinner Table. These guys know…



Hi, we’re Batchwell and we make kombucha. What is ‘kombucha’ you ask? (But not out loud – you don’t want to look uncool). Well, it's a…


Taylor Farms

Discover Taylor Farms delicious range of salad and vegetable kits for extra taste and convenience. Taylor Farms Chopped Salads Dreaming of a meal where healthy meets great…


Ceres Organics

Founded in 1982 by Juliet, Noel & Rodnie the Ceres Organics mission was to create a social enterprise to deliver foods that help heal people and the planet. Today they are…



Most of the time fruit is the go-to snack but have you ever kept strawberries in your bag all day? Or tried peeling a mango in the car on the way home? It’s just a no go…


Pipi's Bakery

Pipi's Bakery was founded, first and foremost, from a love of sharing. Pipi's Bakery handcrafted breads are our way of sharing of simple joys: Gathering, cooking and eating…


Hill Street Wholefoods

It’s here. The answer to all your modern baking dilemmas: Simple to make, delicious to eat, affordable wholefood baking mixes. We’ve ignored over-processed…


BB Microgreen

Freshness you can taste Goodness you can see Live well with us! At BB Microgreen, we are committed to bringing you the best, clean, healthy goodness. We grow to the…



Gluten Freedom, our newest artisan sourdough products - a range designed to ruffle a few feathers. Intolerances and diet aside, yes, this range is vegan friendly, gluten,…


Em's Power Cookies

Unleash Your Power! Em's Power Cookies are nutritious and delicious energy snacks, made from Powergirl Em’s personal recipes with ingredients you can trust. They are…


Annies - food you trust

Simply good! It’s a simple process, but it delivers a product so full of goodness – Annies produces 100% natural fruit snacks simply by air-drying real fruit.…


The Whole Mix

We are The WHOLE MIX, an inspired group of talented foodies collaborating on a range of fantastic food to go! Our outlook is simple: we refuse to compromise when it comes to…


Vegan Supply NZ

We are New Zealand suppliers of Vegan delights. Vegan Supply is our hub to help us connect and distribute delicious and yummy Vegan food to NZ Retail Stores, Food Service, and…