Christchurch 2022

18-20 Mar, Fri–Sun 10am–5pm, Christchurch Arena

Street Food Alley presented by Waitoa Social Club

Got a bit of a rumble in your tummy? Head to Street Food Alley where you’ll be in a street food lovers paradise - satisfy your hunger, quench your thirst & rest your tired feet.

Waitoa Social Club

We don’t know why most businesses don’t share more with the communities in which they operate, but we would like to join the growing number of companies who are…


Empire Chicken

Empire Chicken is serving up the finest fried chicken, and fried chicken burgers the city of Christchurch has to offer. With a focus on locally and sustainably sourced…


Smoke 'n' Barrel

Smoke 'n' Barrel Street Food 'n' Catering is the product of chefs Chris Geary and Cory Blackburn. The pair met in January 2017 while working in a café in the…