Christchurch 2022

19-21 Aug, Fri–Sun 10am–5pm, Christchurch Arena


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Manawa Honey we are from Ruatāhuna known as Te Manawa-o-Te-Ika-a-Māui – the Heart of Māui’s Fish. The name refers to the exploits of Māui, an ancestor from our ancient mythologies, who pulled up a huge fish from the depths of the ocean that became the North Island of New Zealand, as we know it today. Ruatāhuna is also the place where our tribe originated – from the union of mist and mountains in time immemorial, located in the heart of remote untouched indigenous forests known as Te Urewera which is the homeland of our tribe Tūhoe. Ruatāhuna is a place of great significance in our world – the cradle of our tribe. Manawa Honey NZ Rewarewa voted the "Best Honey in the World" also London Honey Awards in 2021 which is designed to promote quality in branded retail honey products which attracts entries from producers in over 30 countries across the world the majority from Europe we entered all four of our Honeys our results - Manuka : Gold , Tawari : Gold, Rewarewa : Silver : Pua -A-Tane

Specials in Christchurch 2022

Manawa Raw Forest Honey & Lime Infusion

The perfect formula so our new infusion is not only good for you but tastes superb as well. Sold out at the Auckland Food Show 2021 – a crowd favourite. Drink dissolved in water instead of tea or coffee, morning, noon and night. Hot or cold as a refreshing drink to keep your energy up, avoid caffeine, and keep you in good health. Or straight out of the jar, on toast, in your smoothies or drizzled on ice-cream or pancakes. Try it wherever you would use honey!

Competitions in Christchurch 2022

Manawa Honey from the Heart! Yummy Honey in my tummy.....

You want to try the Best Honey in the World Rewarewa GOLD in the USA you sure can this weekend at the Christchurch FOOD SHOW STAND A2.

Winners will be notified by email after the FOOD SHOW 2022.

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