Christchurch 2022

19-21 Aug, Fri–Sun 10am–5pm, Christchurch Arena


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All my products are handmade in New Zealand using fruit farmed by local farmers. Our fruits are selected by quality and all are spray free when ever possible. All our jams are made in small batches and use only natural ingredients and whole fruits. recently a customer had a taste of my jam and said you cant buy jam like that in a grocery store.
We are little local and most of our jam is all vegan. We also make a selection of flavored peanut butter to go with our jam. As nothing goes together better than peanut butter and jam.
Flavors of peanut butter are Butterscotch White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Honey Cinnamon, Smoked Chili, Chili Chocolate, Turmeric Black Pepper and Ginger. We will be launching our super spicy peanut butter at the show made with ghost peppers. Stop By for a taste.
We will also be launch my family's secret recipe for Southern style Cornbread. Stop by for a taste.

New Products in Christchurch 2022

Southern Style Cornbread Mix

For years I have been cooking and serving up my southern style cornbread for all my friends. Every time I cooked up my cornbread someone would ask for the recipe. Then they would go to the store and buy the wrong ingredients and wondered why it tasted like dirt. So now I have made it easy for all my friends to bake my cornbread. I have packaged the key ingredients in a mix and printed the fail proof directions on the label. All you have to do is add the wet stuff. Cornbread is best hot out of the oven and slathered up with heaps of butter. Then reheat the cornbread the next morning and add some tasty Greenz Jam or peanut butter and you have now had a vegetable for breakfast.

Butterscotch White Chocolate Peanut Butter

Have you ever thought about a what a Butterscotch white chocolate peanut butter would taste like? Wonder no more. My favorite way to eat it is heated up in the microwave and dip an apple slice into it. Yum. The only problem is the apple to peanut butter ratio goes by so fast before you know it you haven't eaten a whole jar or two in one sitting.

Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter

Think of a peanut butter cup in a jar. Other company's add dark chocolate to make you healthy to their peanut butter. I add milk chocolate because I want you to be happy. Milk chocolate make me very happy. I cant keep any of this is my house it all has to be kept in the studio kitchen , because maybe my husband and I ate 2 jars in one sitting once or twice.. I am not admitting anything. It was so good. I don't regret it at all. Ps the picture says butter scotch white chocolate but it looks the same.

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