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The Urban Monk Ltd

The Urban Monk’s mission is to Serve Up Nourishment. Using certified organic produce gathered as locally as possible to Christchurch and the Canterbury region, we offer a special line of cultured vegetables that not only taste delicious, but which provide essential probiotics for digestive health. These products are hand-crafted in small batches and are guaranteed vegan, unpasteurised raw, GMO free, and fully certified organic with OrganicFarmNZ (OFNZ).

Our range includes several sauerkrauts, from our Simply Sauerkraut, containing only cabbage and pink Himalayan rock salt, to our mouth-watering spiced varieties, the Radiant and Spirited Sauerkrauts, to the traditional recipe of our Sanctified Sauerkraut containing caraway seed. Beyond these cabbage-based recipes, our Glorious Carrots & Ginger is a definite crowd-pleaser, and the newest addition to our range, the Blessed Beetroot with mustard seeds, has been an instant success, adding a twist to a classic kiwi flavour.

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Blessed Beetroot

A healthy twist on a Kiwi classic: sliced organic beetroot cultured with Fair Trade mustard seeds from Trade Aid. Brilliant in burgers!

Glorious Carrots & Ginger

This sweet and punchy blend is made with locally grown organic carrots and imported organic ginger, organic salt and water.

Radiant Sauerkraut

A blend of organic cabbages and daikons, spiced with turmeric and chilli. A beautiful, radiant yellow that leaves an afterglow of spicy heat in the mouth.

Sanctified Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut with a traditional European sprinkling of caraway seeds for a bit of extra nuttiness.

Simply Sauerkraut

Simply organic cabbages and organic salt. This is about as straight-forward as you can get. Crisp, sour… delicious!

Spirited Sauerkraut

Another fantastic sauerkraut, this time with organic chilli, garlic and ginger. The chilli is from Trade Aid, the garlic is organic and the ginger is uncertified but organically grown from Fiji.

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