Pork Meatball Banh Mi




Pickled Carrot & Daikon Radish

 1 cup rice wine vinegar

1 cup water

¼ cup sugar

1½ tsp salt

2 large carrots, peeled, cut in matchsticks (about 1 cup)

15cm piece daikon radish, peeled, cut in matchsticks
     (about 1 cup) (see Cook’s Tip)

Sriracha Mayonnaise

½ cup mayonnaise

1 tbsp sriracha

1 tbsp gochujang

1½ tsp rice wine vinegar

2 tbsp chopped coriander (optional)



500g ground pork

2 spring onions, finely diced

1½ tbsp sriracha

1½ tbsp fish sauce

1 egg, beaten

½ cup panko breadcrumbs

1 tsp salt 

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Pickled Carrot & Daikon Radish

Combine rice wine vinegar, water, sugar and salt in a pan and bring to the boil to dissolve sugar. Using a glass or plastic (non-metal) bowl, add carrots and radish then pour over the hot liquid. Allow to cool then place in the fridge for at least 1 hour – will keep well in the fridge for 1 week.

Sriracha Mayonnaise

Combine all ingredients in a bowl, cover and place in fridge – you can add chopped coriander if desired. Will keep in the fridge for 1 week.



Preheat oven to 180°C and line a baking tray with baking paper.

In a bowl combine all ingredients, then form into small balls about 3–4cm round. Place balls on prepared tray and flatten a little with your hand. Bake for 12 minutes, rotate tray and cook for another 12 minutes.


Heat a non-stick pan over high heat. Cook meatballs an extra 2 minutes to caramelise and get slightly crunchy.

Toast rolls and spread with sriracha mayo. Add some pickled veges, then the crispy meatballs (use 3 per sandwich) and a few more veges. Slice diagonally and serve. WOW. 

Cook’s tips

  • If you can’t find daikon radish, you can use regular radish for this recipe.
  • Sriracha mayonnaise is super popular and super easy – try it over warm roast chicken slices too!
  • If camping or have limited cooking facilities and the rolls are super fresh, you do not need to toast and they’re equally good.

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