Pistachio and pear chocolate slab


100g coconut oil

2 tbsp maple syrup

60g dark chocolate (70% +),
     chopped small

2 heaped tbsp dark cocoa

100g almond butter

pinch sea salt

3-4 dried pears (or use apricots), sliced thinly

½ cup shelled pistachio nuts, toasted and
     roughly chopped


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Line a 20x25cm (or thereabouts) tray with baking paper.


Gently heat coconut oil, maple syrup and chopped chocolate until coconut oil has melted. Cover for 5 minutes until chocolate is melted. Whisk until smooth.


Scrape chocolate mix into food processor. Add cocoa, almond butter and salt and blend well until smooth.


Pour into prepared tray and smooth to an even layer. Sprinkle over dried pears and nuts, pressing some into the mixture and leaving others on top. Freeze for 30 minutes until set then cut into chunks. Store in fridge or freezer.