Hemp Protein Medley Bowl




  • ½ c quinoa
  • 2 small skinless chicken breasts
  • 1 T cold pressed rapeseed oil
  • 100 g feta cheese
  • ½ c new hemisphere™ Hemp Seed Hulled
  • 200 g telegraph cucumber
  • 150 g cherry tomatoes
  • Fresh Italian parsley


  • ¼ c new hemisphere™ Hemp Seed Oil
  • ½ c white wine vinegar
  • 1 T lemon juice
  • ½ t sea salt


Rinse the quinoa under running cold water then place in a medium saucepan. Cover with water and bring to boil. Cook for 12-15 minutes. Drain in a sieve and fluff up with a fork.

While the quinoa is cooking, cube the chicken breasts then heat the rapeseed oil in a small fry pan. Pan fry the chicken on a medium-high heat till golden brown and cooked right through. Set aside to cool.

Wash the cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and parsley. Cube both the feta cheese and cucumber. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half.

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl except the parsley. Divide the mixture between two bowls. Garnish with parsley then drizzle with the vinaigrette.



In a small jar, combine all ingredients. Shake well with a lid before serving.