Lemon & Passionfruit Chiffon Lamington Balls with Patisserie Crème and Chantilly Cream


Lemon Chiffon Cake:
• 120ml Vegetable Oil
• 300gm Sugar (white granulated)
• 6 Eggs
• 3tspn Baking Powder
• 93ml Water (room temp)
• 3/4tspn Salt
• 3/4Tbspn Vanilla Extract
• 300gm Cake Flour
• 93.75ml Lemon juice
• Zest of 3 medium Lemons

• 1C Water – (Boiling)
• 1C Water – (Ice cold)
• 20gm Gelatine sheets
• 400gm Passionfruit Topping
• 400gm Coconut (Desiccated)

Chantilly Cream:
• 200ml Cream
• 2Tbspn Icing Sugar
• Dash of vanilla paste

Patisserie Crème:
• 2 Egg Yolks
• 60gm Caster Sugar
• 2Tbspn Cornflour
• 200ml Milk
• 1tspn Vanilla Paste
• Pinch of Salt
• Few drops Lemon Oil


Lemon Chiffon Cake Mix:
• Oven 190DegC
• Place passionfruit syrup and a clean bowl (for crème patisserie) into chiller and set ice cold water aside (for jelly)
• Whip Vegetable oil, Yolks until just combined
• Add Water, Zest, Vanilla, Lemon Juice together and add to egg mix – set aside
• Sift Flour, 70gm of Sugar, BP, Salt then add to egg mix, whip on high speed for 1 minute – set aside
• Whip the daylights out of the egg Whites to a foam, gradually adding the remaining sugar (130gm) until stiff peaks form
• Carefully fold meringue into the batter
• Place into piping bag and pipe even amounts into silicone moulds
• Bake 8-10 minutes – keep an eye not to overcolour mix during cooking
• Allow cakes to cool slightly before turning out onto cooling rack
• Once cool enough trim a flat bottom to 50% of the rounds and trim all rounds to a flat top

• Add Gelatine to 1C Water, bring to boil and dissolve
• Set gelatine water aside in chiller while straining the seeds from the passionfruit syrup
• Add Syrup to gelatine mix then add cold water and place in chiller (cover with Glad wrap)

Patisserie Crème:
• Beat Egg Yolks & Sugar until it’s a pale, thick and creamy ribbon stage
• Add Cornflour & Salt
• Boil Milk with a few drops Lemon Oil and Vanilla Bean Paste
• Lower heat slightly and add small amount of milk to Egg mix – mix well
• Add remaining milk to egg mix then transfer to another pan or microwavable jug
• Cook mix until thick – DO NOT OVERHEAT or will CURDLE
• Transfer to a cold dish, cover and place in fridge

Chantilly Cream:
• Place all ingredients into a bowl and beat the crap out of it until soft piping consistency
• Transfer to piping bag with small star nozzle
• Place in fridge

• Set up a dipping station
• Ensure jelly is extremely close to setting but not set (aiming to speed up setting process and having a thin, even coating of jelly on the sponge)
• Using forks dunk each cake round, allow to slightly drip off then place in coconut and cover gently, remove to a coconut covered tray – place in fridge to speed up setting process
• Pipe small amounts of Chantilly cream around rounds that have a flat bottom leaving an area in the centre for the patisserie Crème, place each ‘half’ directly onto the serving tray to avoid overhandling lamingtons
• Pipe Patisserie Crème into centre of each Lamington
• Place lids on each lamington and ensure each lamington looks level, even and evenly spaced on tray