Coconut and niaouli rum Caledonia prawns with creamy butternut squash purée and black sesame crisp

Serves 4



Creamy butternut squash purée

500g butternut squash flesh, peeled, cut in
     small cubes

2 onions, peeled, sliced

5 cloves garlic, crushed

olive oil

50cl chicken stock

20cl coconut milk

pinch of salt and pepper


Herb and black sesame Viennoise crisp

80g butter

85g breadcrumbs

3 tbsp minced fresh parsley

3 tbsp crushed black sesame seeds

pinch of salt and pepper

Niaouli rum stacked Caledonia prawns

20 prawns 30/40 grams each

olive oil

6cl niaouli rhum

fleur de sel



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Creamy butternut squash purée

In a large pot sweat squash, onion and garlic over a low heat with a trickle of olive oil.

Add chicken stock and cook in a covered pot 20 min approx..

Add coconut milk and continue to cook 8-10 min until squash is soft.

Mix in a blender to get a smooth and creamy texture. Add salt and pepper to taste.


Herb and black sesame Viennoise crisp

Mix butter, breadcrumbs and parsley in a food processor.

Toast sesame seeds in a frying pan and add to breadcrumb mix.


Niaouli rum stacked Caledonia prawns

Peel the prawns carefully. Make an incision on the back to clear the vein.

In a frying pan, sear prawns carefully on both sides in olive oil then flambé with niaouli rum (prawns are delicate, do not cook them too long). When prawns are cooked, dip in Viennoise crisp to coat.


Dress the plate. Using a shallow dish, spoon on the creamy butternut purée. Place 5 crisp-coated prawns on top of the purée.


Wine match: 2014 Equinox Waipara Valley Chardonnay

Aromas: Elegant white peach and a touch of smoky oak. Fresh and complex.

Palate: Powerful and weighty, yet retaining fresh acidity. The wine unfolds along the palate as you find the fruit, the spicy oak and the rich brioche.

This weighty Chardonnay will complement the creamy butternut squash and juicy seared prawns.