Chocolate Strawberry Crepes

2 large



1 packet Marcel’s Ooh La La Crepes (in the freezer section of your supermarket)

1 cup chocolate hazelnut spread

1 large punnet strawberries

1 TBS freeze-dried strawberry powder


Prepare crepes according to packet instructions.

Fold each crepe into quarters. Stack four folded crepes onto each plate.

Top each crepe stack with around ½ cup chocolate hazelnut spread (or to your liking). If the spread is very thick, gently heat it for 20 seconds in the microwave or in a small pot on the stove before spooning over the crepes.

Finely dice the strawberries, leaving two large ones intact. Scatter the diced strawberry across the crepe stack, then sprinkle with freeze-dried strawberry powder.

Slice each of the two remaining strawberries in half lengthways, leaving the stem for presentation. Top each crepe stack with two strawberry halves.