Wellington 2019

24-26 May, Fri–Sun 10am–5pm, Westpac Stadium

Artisan Village

Handmade, small-batch, traditional, and super-high-quality goods all gathered in one place? Perfect!

If you’re looking for delicious treats at The Wellington Food Show, the Artisan Village is your best destination.

Kapiti Artisan Bakehouse

You'll find Kapiti Artisan Bakehouse in Otaki on the Kapiti Coast, but during the Food Show you will get to meet David and Sandy, the passionate and dedicated partners behind…


Honeywrap Ltd

Honeywrap- the sweet little alternative Created by three kiwi mums on a mission to reduce waste, Honeywrap is the natural reusable alternative to plastic. Made in NZ with…


Rustic Grain

We provide quality bespoke and one off chopping boards, kitchen utensils, furniture, and homeware. Our products are handcrafted from recycled and new timber.


Appleby Farms

To make great ice cream you don’t need a great big factory. For us, local isn’t just a place, it’s a philosophy. We own the paddocks, grow the grass, nurture…


Greytown Honey

Greytown Honey is a family business producing the very highest quality Mānuka, Wildflower, Kamahi, Native and Clover honey, straight from the land. You could say beekeeping is…


Eden Juice Ltd

For many years our family have noticed the health benefits of cherries. At the start of each season our sleeping would significantly improve but we would then slip back into…


My Eco Vita

My Eco Vita has been created to offer you sustainable solutions to replace single use plastic. Created by one mum on a mission to help rid the world of plastic waste and…


Liquorice Delights Popped Caramel Popcorn

New Zealand’s Best Popcorn that Tastes So Good! When you eat our popcorn collections made from the worlds’ best corn pool sourced in New Zealand & GMO…


Fernglen Farm

What makes Performance Protein so good? Nutrition: Performance Protein is high in protein, short to medium chain fatty acids and contains a good dose of carbohydrates. It is…


Elysian Foods

VISIT US IN THE ARTISAN VILLAGE... and prepare to be delighted! Elysian Foods is a small, family-run business based in Wellington’s Miramar peninsula. We produce…


Superseed Crackers by Creative Cooking

Creative Cooking - MAKING HEALTHY EATING EXCITING Superseed Crackers: Nutritious and delicious In early 2017 I began to make these “seed only” crackers when I…