Wellington 2015

3-5 Sep, Thu-Fri: 10pm-6am, Sat 10pm–5am, Westpac Stadium

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Mash Tun Crackers

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Mike and James created the multi-faceted Whanganui business The Bloom Theory. Their brewing projects inspired the development of these Mash Tun products. Investigations into spent grain, waste by-product from the brewing process, turned up a raft of health benefits! Baking with these grain remains, they were able to create products that were loaded with dietary fibre and stripped of sugar.

This is no normal grain. Locally grown barley is germinated and roasted in a process called malting, this develops a delicious malty flavour in the grain, increases protein and mineral content and, most importantly, allows the brewers to mash it. Mashing converts starch into sugar, this is washed away to be made into beer, what’s left is mostly protein and dietary fibre. Considering our modern eating habits, this is a blessing for our digestive systems!

Come and meet Mike and James, find out how good a neglected by-product of the brewery can tast

Specials in Wellington 2015

Cracker Deals

Mash Tun Crackers retail for an average price of $7.50 about the country. At the foodshow you can come along and meet Mike and James, and because they will no doubt like you, they will sell you a pack for a fiver

Cracker Kickstarter

We are launching our Kickstarter campaign at the foodshow. We have 200 vouchers to giveaway for free crackers! Make a pledge there and then, and we will hand you a voucher there and then! ...along with the reward you you get for the pledge too of course.

Mash Tun Crisps!!

A new product. It is a prototype really, but at the Foodshow we will have a few hundred packs. It is your chance to come along and try the new product before it hits the shelves! First in first served, so get over and try before they dissapear!

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