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11-13 May, Fri–Sun 10am–5pm, Westpac Stadium

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Everfresh Technologies

Everfresh Technologies

beFresh is a small packet that is placed in the refrigerator to extend shelf-life of fresh fruit and vegetables.
All fruit and vegetables give off a natural ripening gas called ethylene. This gas causes wilting, yellowing, decay and costly wastage. The crisper-draw of the home fridge acts as a “trap” for this gas and is an ideal environment for over-ripening and spoilage of fresh produce.

beFresh neutralises ethylene gas and disrupts the ripening process, maintaining freshness, crispness and taste of fruit and vegetables.

beFresh is simple to use - just remove the cellophane wrap to activate and affix to the inside wall of your crisper-draw – that’s all you do to extend the shelf-life of your fruit and vegetables.

Apart from saving hard-earned shopping dollars by avoiding unnecessary waste, the benefits also include maintenance of natural vitamins, minerals and retention of great taste and texture.

beFresh is simple to use and very affordable at a RRP of $2.99 per packet.

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