Christchurch 2022

19-21 Aug, Fri–Sun 10am–5pm, Christchurch Arena

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We’re from Ruatāhuna, known as Te Manawa-o-Te-Ika-a-Māui – the Heart of Māui’s Fish. The name refers to the exploits of Māui, an ancestor from our ancient mythologies, who pulled up a huge fish from the depths of the ocean that became the North Island of New Zealand, as we know it today. Ruatāhuna is also the place where our tribe originated – from the union of mist and mountains in time immemorial, located in the heart of remote untouched indigenous forests known as Te Urewera which is the homeland of our tribe Tūhoe. Ruatāhuna is a place of great significance in our world – the cradle of our tribe. Manawa Honey NZ Rewarewa voted the "Best Honey in the World" also London Honey Awards in 2021 which is designed to promote quality in branded retail honey products which attracts entries from producers in over 30 countries across the world the majority from Europe we entered all four of our Honeys our results - Manuka : Gold , Tawari : Gold, Rewarewa : Silver : Pua -A-Tane : Silver

Specials in Christchurch 2022

Perfect Gift for you or someone special NZD $49.99

1 x Mānuka Honey Healing Balm 1 x Mānuka Honey Handcrafted Soap 1 x Mānuka Honey & Goat’s Milk Handcrafted Soap 1 x Natural Soap Rack PUHI is our new range of natural skin-care from Manawa Honey NZ. PUHI means ‘adored one’, even ‘indulged’, in te reo Māori. The logo is the striking moko kauae (chin tattoo), borne by Maori women. Our kaupapa (intent) then is to adore – totally indulge – those who join up using our natural and healing skin-care designed with New Zealand indigenous honeys and botanicals.

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Manawa Honey Beauty range with Manuka Healing Balm and Manuka Saop - Manuka & Goats Milk

PUHI is our new range of natural skin-care from Manawa Honey NZ. This introductory offer includes Mānuka Healing Balm, Mānuka Honey Soap and Mānuka Honey & Goat’s Milk Soap. Go on…indulge…spoil yourself. These products bring antibacterial and other properties to cleanse and protect your skin, to promote healing and anti-aging, and to sort out skin affliction. This package of our balm and soaps is offered to introduce our new range of skincare from PUHI. No chemicals, parabens or other nasty additives are used. Only pure and natural ingredients as listed below are used in the handcrafting of these products (see the separate item for the details of contents for each item). Save 15% on normal pricing for this set.

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