Christchurch 2016

8-10 Apr, Fri–Sun 10am–5pm, Horncastle Arena

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Southern Clams Ltd

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The Story!
Southern Clams Ltd is a thriving New Zealand seafood company that harvests clams in Otago Coastal waters.
Southern Clams Ltd is recognised as a pioneer in environmental responsibility in the New Zealand seafood industry and has carved out niche markets in Europe, North America, Asia and the New Zealand market.
Established by Roger Belton in the 1980s, Southern Clams Ltd committed to developing sustainable management systems for both the shellfish and its habitat as is witnessed by its investment in research. Since 1982, the company has researched the impact of its harvesting on habitats and adapting its operations accordingly. As well as the intrinsic importance of sustaining the littleneck clams’ environment for future generations, the company’s livelihood depends upon it.

Specials in Christchurch 2016

Fresh Live Clams. 1kg $5.00. NZ Best Price, Show Only!

1kg of Fresh Live Clams, NZ best Price $5.00 New Zealand Littleneck clams, more traditionally known as the New Zealand cockle, tuaki or tuangi, (they are clams!) Cooking Clams Rinse shells under running water to rid them of any sand. Discard any shellfish which gape and do not respond when tapped. (This may take a short while if clams are very cold). Place clams in a large pot over high heat, cover and steam until all shells are open. Shake the pot once or twice during cooking or move the clams around with a wooden spoon. This should only take a few minutes, as clams need very little cooking if they are to remain tender. Keep the juices and strain or decant before using. Clams being naturally salty, there is no need to add salt. Enjoy using with the recipes or even freeze for later use. For more great ideas check out, http://www.nzclams.c

New Zealand Queen Scallops. 1kg $10.00.

New Zealand Queen Scallops. 1kg $10.00. (Frozen, Whole In Shell) Best Price at the Show Only. Cooking Queen Scallops: Rinse the frozen scallops under running water. Place in a large pot with 1/4 cup of water, cover tightly, then steam over high heat until the shells are open. This only takes a few minutes. Shake the pot or move the shells around with a wooden spoon once or twice during cooking. When all are open, set the scallops aside and keep the juices. Remove the scallops from their shells, discarding the black digestive gland. Rinse the scallop meats very briefly under the tap. The scallops can either be reheated in the strained juices, but never boiled and served immediately, or prepared according to a recipe.

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