Christchurch 2015

30 Apr - 2 May, Thu–Sat 10pm–5am, Horncastle Arena

General Information

Christchurch 2015

30 Apr - 2 May, Thu–Sat 10pm–5am

What's on

Horncastle Arena
(formerly known as Vbase).

Jack Hinton Drive, Christchurch.

Venue website

Getting to the show

The Food Show Christchurch is located at the Horncastle Arena, Jack Hinton Drive, Christchurch. If you’d rather not drive to the show, we have devised a few alternative options for your consideration.


Parking is $5 at the gate (cash only).

Why not get together with friends and arrange to share a car to the show. Sounds simple, but it's an often-overlooked solution.

For bus and train information check out the Metro website for options.

Share a cab with friends and enjoy the wine tasting without worrying. See us at reception and we’ll call a cab to pick you up.