Christchurch 2015

30 Apr - 2 May, Thu–Sat 10pm–5am, Horncastle Arena

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New: QuarterPast Premium Range

Life is too short for bland flavours! Take time for yourself and enjoy a flavoursome hot drink made with authentic ingredients.

No Artificial Sweeteners, proudly made in New Zealand

~Liquid Herbal Teas: New style liquid teas are brimming with real fruit and delicately infused with herbs and spices. Just add to water. Introducing our NEW soothing and mind clearing Turmeric Lemon, Ginger & Honey tea syrup.

~Chai Concentrates: made with a delicious blend of spices. Just add to warmed milk for a divine

~Coffee Syrups: add a dash of decadence to your coffee for a sweet treat. We have a wide range of flavours you must try!

New Products in Christchurch 2015

QuarterPast Blueberry & Green Tea

This is a tea that’s just bursting with flavour. The super-fruit punch of tangy blueberries really smooth’s the sharpness from the green tea – leaving a fresh, lively taste that’s a real pick-me-up. Try this taste adventure next time you really need a lift. Time for a break, add 25mL to 225mL of warm water for a sweet escape.

QuarterPast Orange & Lemongrass

What could be more refreshing than citrus with a hint of lemongrass? The sweet, orange taste of this delicious tea is nicely balanced with the fresh lemony taste of lemongrass – a light, sophisticated treat you can enjoy any time of day. Time for a break, add 25mL to 225mL of warm water for a refreshing escape.

QuarterPast Lemon Ginger Honey Tea

This classic combination is a great taste that clears the mind and soothes the soul, promoting good health and wellbeing. Full of healthy zing it makes a delicious drink any time you need a refreshing break. Time for a break, add 25mL to 225mL of warm water for a soul soothing escape.

QuarterPast Vanilla

Don’t just make a coffee – transform it with Vanilla. That sweet, familiar taste you’ve known since childhood really mellows out the coffee. Classic, subtle and refined – it’s heaven in a cup. Time for a break, add 15mL to 185mL of milk coffee for heavenly, vanilla escape.

QuarterPast Caramel

Who doesn’t love caramel? On its own, it’s wickedly tempting. In coffee, it’s irresistible. That deep, rich sweetness really perks things up. Next time you fancy a little something in your coffee, reach for Caramel. Time for a break, add 15mL to 185mL of milk coffee for an irresistible escape.

QuarterPast Hazelnut

Next time, add a dash of Hazelnut to your caffeine kick. A favourite in Europe, hazelnut nuzzles up to the flavour notes of coffee like a familiar lover. Sweet, rich and nutty – it’s like liquid biscotti. You’ll love it! Time for a break, add 15mL to 185mL of milk coffee for a nutty twist.

QuarterPast Sweet Chai

It’s your time. Time to relax on the sofa with a cup of Sweet Chai. Warm and comforting, Sweet Chai is an eclectic mix of aromatic herbs, with just a hint of spice. Add to warm milk and let the flavours relax and restore you. Time for a break, add 25mL to 175mL of warmed milk for a sweet escape

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