Auckland 2020

18-21 Nov, Wed: 9pm-4am Thu: 9pm-8am, Fri–Sat 9pm–4am, ASB Showgrounds

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Fernglen Farm

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What makes Sheep Milk so good?

Nutrition: Our Sheep Milk is naturally high in protein, short-medium chain fatty acids, and contains a good dose of carbohydrates. It is also full of many key micronutrients that the body demands in order to keep healthy.

Digestibility: Sheep Milk is very gentle on the stomach. It contains only A2 beta casein proteins which our bodies tend to tolerate a lot better, which makes sheep milk a great alternative for those who don't go too well on normal cow's milk. For our flavoured drinks we have also added prebiotic fibre - the food of our good gut bacteria - to give an extra boost to your digestive system.

Social Responsibility: Fernglen Farm has a huge focus on sustainability, high animal welfare standards, having a positive impact on the community and of course delivering the best products to you, which you can trust. We are also the first and only dairy brand to be Certified by the SPCA for our animal welfare standards - something we are very proud of

Specials in Auckland 2020

3 for $13!!

Buy any 3 bottles of our Flavoured Prebiotic Sheep Milk range for just $13! Choose one of each of our range, mix and match, or grab 3 of your fave - the choice is yours :) (Normal price/450mL bottle: $5)

New Products in Auckland 2020

Pure Non-Homogenised Sheep Milk

Nothing added. Nothing taken away. Taste the milk from happy, pampered ewes fed on lush green pasture. They get to express their natural behaviour, raise their own lambs and happily come in to be milked once a day. Feel comfort. The unique composition and A2 qualities allows sheep milk to be digested easily. Many whom are sensitive to other dairy-based products can tolerate this milk. Enjoy the benefits of this naturally nutritious sheep milk. It’s a great source of many macro and micro nutrients that are essential for the human body. Creamy and lite, and full of goodness.

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