Auckland 2018

26-29 Jul, Thu–Sun 10am–5pm, ASB Showgrounds

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The Spirits Workshop Distillery

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The Spirits Workshop Distillery

Your source for premium crafted, distinctively flavoured spirits that are reflective of their New Zealand heritage.

The Spirits Workshop operates a boutique, small batch, craft distillery in Christchurch. Locally sourced Canterbury malted grain and pure artesian water form the backbone of our spirits, embodying the “Grain to Glass” ethos across our range of products Curiosity Gin, Crux Vodka and Single Malt Whisky.

Through handmade copper pot stills, designed and built from scratch in-house, a double distillation turns the fermented grain into a fine spirit with an alcohol content around 65%. This spirit can be barreled for aging, to eventually become Whisky or further refined, through our little copper gin still “Yoyo”, to make the base for other spirits such as Gin and Vodka.

When you’re enjoying your next drink, why not ask to try one of our authentically crafted spirits.

Specials in Auckland 2018

Curiosity Gin Show Special

$10 off the usual retail price for all Curiosity Gin sold at the show

New Products in Auckland 2018

Curiosity Gin - Recipe #23

Recipe 23’s well rounded citrus notes lends it to be enjoyed in refreshing cocktails such as the classic G&T, gimlets, punches and negroni. It is particularly excellent in a modified French 75 cocktail with Rosé bubbles, orange bitters and an orange twist garnish. The bold flavours of Recipe 23 stand up well to most tonics but is best served with an Indian Tonic and a slice of (Pink) Grapefruit and/or an Orange twist. A dryer tonic will enhance the earthy notes of the malt, angelica and spice and lends itself to a more savoury garnish such as a slice of green pepper and a twist from the pepper grinder. The complete list of botanicals is Juniper Berries, Manuka (berries and leaf), Coriander Seeds, Cardamom Pods, Fresh Orange Zest, Fresh Lime Zest, Ginger Root, Angelica Root, Lavender, Cinnamon and Star Anise.

Curiousity Gin - Curious Dry

Only New Zealand native botanicals and the finest imported Juniper are used to make Curious Dry. Wild harvest Kawakawa and Horopito (BushPepper), Manuka and urban foraged Tarata (Lemonwood) make a classical Dry Gin with a distinctly NZ taste delivering a curiously good G&T. A classical styled dry gin, Curious Dry delivers what the traditional gin drinker expects using only New Zealand native botanicals. Other than the Juniper, needed to make it gin, Curious Dry is made ”Grain to Glass” with all New Zealand ingredients. Starting with Canterbury barley, from which we distill the base spirit, to the all native botanicals Curious Dry is as Kiwi as a gin can get and more than delivers on all the flavour you expect in a fabulous dry gin. Perfect served in a traditional G+T garnished with a wedge of lemon. Curious Dry is also perfect to deliver a Kiwi twist to all the traditional gin cocktails! Botanicals: Juniper Berries, Tarata, Kawkawa, Horopito, Manuka

Curiousity Gin - Negroni Special

Negroni Special (55%, 500ml) – Our second product started as a limited release for Negroni Week 2017. The recipe is based on the same botanical mix as #23 but with everything ramped up to compliment the strong flavours of Campari and Vermouth in a Negroni. Negroni Special is also “Double Junipered” the Juniper is both macerated and vapour infused for stronger Juniper pine aroma and flavour notes. The Negroni Special is rested before bottling in a new French oak barrel long enough to give it a fabulous straw colour and add sweet honey and toffee aromas and sweet oak flavours but not long enough to start getting bitter oak tannins. Finally it is bottled at a high proof to deliver strength and body to the Negroni and other cocktails. Perfect served in a traditional Negroni 1:1:1 with Campari and Martini Rosso.

Single Malt Whisky - Age Your Own Cask

We are making available for sale 20 litre and 10 litre casks of the same, single malt, new make spirit we are ageing for future release. Giving you with the exciting opportunity to own your own Single Malt in a barrel and to control and be part of the ageing experience and process for your own Whisky. These casks are miniature versions of the same casks that we use for our ageing stock, made from the same wood, treated with the same toast and sourced from the same suppliers and will be laser etched with your personal branding! When you purchase a 10 or 20 litre cask you will receive a sample of the new make spirit that has been filled into the cask and a sample every 3 mnths during the ageing process. Once you are happy with the flavour we will bottle label and deliver your whisky to you. All included in the purchase price!

Recipes by The Spirits Workshop Distillery

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