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New Caledonia Gastronomy

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New Caledonia’s cuisine is one of the best in the South Pacific. The fusion of flavours, is a true testament to the blend of cultures living together on the island. Often spicy, the meals are always deliciously fresh and use some of the best local ingredients.

New Caledonia’s gastronomy is truly unique, a mix of spices, tropical flavours and French techniques. Vanilla, sweet potatoes, fresh seafood or local venison, New Caledonia will surprise you and deliver a true gourmet experience.

Saveurs Authentiques

Les Saveurs de Nouvelle-Calédonie” are the results of ancients mingled cultures, the marriage of tastes from Oceania, Asia, Europe and Africa. Enriched with an…


Distillerie Du Soleil

More than one paradise, New Caledonia is a ground of sharing and passion. It is in this “ground of the south” that plunges our roots. Our traditional white rum…



Founded in 1972, GBNC (New Caledonia Brewery) distributes and produces in New Caledonia many local and global brands. The GBNC has a real know-how in the brewing of beer…



Founded in 1973, SOCALAIT is a Caledonian manufacturer, importer and distributor of dairy products specializing in the manufacture of dairy products, ice cream, soft drinks,…


Gastronomie Import

Gatronomie Import offers a range of luxury products such as Champagne Lallier, foie gras Rougié, olive oil, high range rums and whisky, cognac, and creams and liquors.…


New Caledonia Tourism

New Caledonia is an overseas territory of France in the South Pacific Ocean, and you can fly there in less than 3 hours from Auckland. New Caledonia comprises of the main…