Auckland 2016

27-30 Jul, Wed-Fri: 10pm-6am, Sat 10pm–5am, ASB Showgrounds

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Sambal of the Gods' Ltd

Sambal of the Gods' Ltd

UNIQUE and NEW to New Zealand Market - NOTHING like this currently available OR comparable on the market.

A Chilli based condiment, a blend of RAW, FRESH chillies, herbs and spices....NOT cooked, NOT tomato based, NO fillers. 100% premium gourmet quality ingredients.

Once you've heard the call of Sambal of the Gods’, it's hard to imagine your life without it....

And if you haven't heard of Sambal of the Gods' already, which would be quite unbelievable; we are talking…. the Best Gourmet Sambal available, anywhere.

When you fall in love with Sambal of the Gods', you fall hard. You'll eat anything just for another taste of it, adding it to any and all dishes, smearing it on everything, even where it doesn't belong :-)

Those who have tried Sambal of the Gods’ know what happens: total obsession and addiction!

SAMBAL OF THE GODS', a unique gourmet Sambal….Suzy’s very own closely guarded ‘secret blend’ of chillies, herbs and spice that goes with absolutely everything!

Specials in Auckland 2016

2 for $20

Show Special - 2 for $20 (or $12.90 each) 100gm

2 for $30

Show Special - 2 for $30 (or $17.90 each) 180gm

Competitions in Auckland 2016

Come join 'Sambal Sam' and be in to win FREE giveaways!

Click on the 'FREE OFFER' tab on Sambal of the Gods' website ( and simply enter your details :-)

Winners will be notified by email.

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