Auckland 2016

27-30 Jul, Wed-Fri: 10pm-6am, Sat 10pm–5am, ASB Showgrounds

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Euro Liquor

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Euro Liquor

Euro Liquor is an Auckland based online liquor store. We are an exclusive importer and retailer of the most popular European brands of beer, cider, wines, vodka, brandy, whisky, and liqueurs. We work with premium brands focused on delivering high-quality drinking experiences to our discerning customers. The fact that we import directly from reputable manufacturers, guarantees world-class standard, as well as attractive pricing of our products.

We are also a retailer of seafood range, that includes the variety of ever-popular canned fish - salmon, smoked kippers, mackerel, tuna and lovely sardines. Arnold Sorensen and Riga Gold brands' fish is distinctive with its look, quality and other features -
Made of Wild caught premium quality raw material
Naturally wood smoked
Hand packed
GMO-free, BPA free
Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Shelf life from 3 to 4 years

Looking forward to meeting you at our stand!

Specials in Auckland 2016

20% OFF Retail Price

20% OFF retail price on any Blue Nun Wines & any Baltika Beer

Specials available during the show at our C09 Stand

Competitions in Auckland 2016

WIN a case of BEER

Visit our Stand C09 at the show and just SIGN UP to win a case of Baltika Beer #7 can 1 L

Prize drawn on 1 August 2016. Winner will be notified by email.

New Products in Auckland 2016

Beer Baltika No.7 - 1 L can - 5.4% Alc

Baltika no. 7 was launched in connection with the Goodwill Games in Saint Petersburg in 1994. Since, the pilsner has held the position as Russia's most popular domestic premium brand since 1994. It is exported to 50 countries, including UK, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, US, UAE, Spain, and New Zealand. The beer is brewed from selected pale malt and a mixture of the best varieties of hops. The alcohol content of no.7 is slightly higher than in classic lager beers, while the hops notes are less pronounced. Baltika beers have won more than 400 Russian and international awards in various professional and consumer contests.

Beer Baltika No.9 - 500 ml can - 8.0% Alc

Baltika no. 9 is a strong pilsner with a taste close to classic lager varieties. The flavour is light and there is a hint of malt, together with sweetish notes and mild hops bitterness.

Beer Baltika No.8 - 500 ml bottle - 5.0% Alc

Baltika no. 8 is an unfiltered wheat beer produced from a recipe using wheat malt. It has all the qualities of the tradtional wheat beers: a thick and dense head as well as a mild, fruity aroma with notes of spices and a mild sweetness. Baltika no. 8 has won many beer awards, including: Platinum Osiris Best Wheat Beer 2005 The Brewing Industry International Awards 2004 Gold medal of the International Brewers' Competition 2003, 2004 and 2005

Beer Baltika No.6 - 500 ml bottle - 7.0% Alc

The awards winning Baltika no. 6 Porter Beer is a classic porter beer brewed according to traditional English methods. This dark beer possesses a full flavour as well as a high density and strength. You also find hints of wine in the aroma.

Beer Zatecky Gus - 1 litre can - 4.6% Alc

Zatecky Gus (Zhatetsky goose) is a light lager with a light traditional flavor. This beer is brewed on the original recipe with addition of famous Czech aromatic hop of the Zhatetsky variety. This hop gives the beer its specific aroma and slight bitterness. Zatecky Gus gives consumers a unique opportunity to enjoy the beer, which is not expensive and brewed in the best Czech traditions. The Zhatetsky hop has been grown in the area of Zhatets town in northern Czechia for more than 700 years. From the old times the hops has been famous not only in Czechia, but as well in the neighbouring regions. Zhatets is often called the world hop capital and Zhatetsky hop is one of the highest-quality hops in the world.

Vodka USSR 40 % 1 L

Vodka USSR is produced under original technology on the basis of high-quality grain alcohol and mild artesian softened water. The vodka has a crystal glistening, neutral aroma and soft taste, giving it distinctive qualities.

Vodka Wild Duck 40% 500 ml

Peerless quality, original and smart design in aggregate with harmonious taste make this vodka truly legendary. Special vodka Wild Duck is a classical vodka standard, tender combination of soft taste and delicate aroma of lemon. Vodka Wild Duck is decent vodka for real gourmets.

White Wine Blue Nun ALCOHOL FREE

White Wine Blue Nun ALCOHOL FREE is a fruity and well-balanced non alcoholic wine made from top quality German grapes. This delicious wine has a round, fresh and fruity character and is suitable to drink as an aperitif, with light food or simply on its own.

Wine Riesling Blue Nun

There is almost no other wine that is so defining for German white wine like the Riesling. With its racy acidity and a true fire-work of aromas the Riesling has become the fashionable drink of modern epicures. Cultivated in the Rhine region, the fully ripe, golden grapes are harvested, then de-stemmed and gently pressed. Once in the glass, its intensive aroma points to its noble provenance. On the palate it shines with a slight residual sweetness and fruit acidity full of character. Excellent with light stews, chicken, vegetables, Asian cuisine and fish dishes.

Authentic White Wine Blue Nun

Aromatic, fruity and racy - that is how connoisseurs love their grapes from the River Rhine. The BLUE NUN Authentic White comes with the delicate Rivaner grape for more balance, softness, and depth of fruit flavour. All combined to give you even more enjoyment and pleasure. Cultivated in the Rhine region, the fully ripe, golden grapes are harvested, then de-stemmed and gently pressed. With a mineral taste and refreshing acidity the Blue Nun Authentic White enthuses with its playful finesse of a slight residual sweetness. Excellent with poultry, light meat dishes, fish, Asian and Vegetarian Cuisine

Red Wine Blue Nun ALCOHOL FREE

Red Wine Blue Nun ALCOHOL FREE is made from top quality full-ripend grapes. A lovely balanced ALCOHOL-FREE red wine, which is best enjoyed with meat, pasta, barbecue dishes and cheese or as a day-to-day drink.

Sparkling Wine Blue Nun ALCOHOL FREE

Sparkling Wine Blue Nun ALCOHOL FREE is a high quality sparkler with a full, crisp flavour. Light, fresh and fruity taste with a hint of citrus for everyone who likes to enjoy excellent sparkling wine without alcohol. The reassurance of the SICHEL SUPERIOR VINIFICATION guarantees that the best vineyards with only the best grapes are chosen, best care in pressing, cold fermentation, maturing and bottling. A great aperitif perfect for celebrations and special occasions or enjoyed on its own.

Red Wine Merlot Blue Nun

Blue Nun Merlot is made from grapes grown in the Languedoc. It is here that the climate and modern wine-making techniques combine to produce wines which, in their different ways, are very modern in style. Naturally, they´re great with red meats, barbecues, cheeses and pasta. Or just simply for drinking on their own.

Sparkling Wine Blue Nun 22 K GOLD EDITION

Blue Nun 22 K GOLD EDITION is a high quality sparkler, with a full, rounded fl avour. Light and elegant in style. What makes it really distinctive is that it contains fi ne pieces of 22-carat gold leaf, designed to highlight its natural effervescence. Enjoy something very special! A great apéritif or accompaniment for light meals and hors d’oeuvres, this is the perfect sparkling for celebrations, special occasions, and life’s golden moments.

Beer Baltika No.0 - Alcohol FREE 500 ml can

Baltika no. 0 is produced using a unique technology whthat removes the alcohol content while preserving the beer's full flavour. The pilsner has the classic taste and aroma of beer with sweetish notes.

Vodka Silver Probe 40% 700 ml

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