Two Raw Sisters

Two Raw Sisters

Margo and Rosa are best-selling authors and incredible cooks.

Their mission is to inspire, motivate and educate people on the benefits of plant-based eating and create healthy, happy and sustainable lifestyles.

Two Raw Sisters have a unique approach to plant-based living. They build delicious meals starting with vegetables, unprocessed, raw, whole food and pantry staples, then add meat, poultry or fish as you choose. Neither Margo or Rosa are vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free and welcome all eaters into their kitchen.

Their first book has sold over 17,000 copies and their second, All Eaters Welcome, has sold over 16,000 copies since its launch in November 2020. Their third book will be released in October 2021.

Rosa and Margo host weekly sold-out workshops in their Christchurch kitchen and are in-demand speakers for major events. Their new salad range with Hello Raw, launched into Supermarkets nationwide earlier this year.

While they take healthy living seriously, they love having a laugh, entertaining and sharing their inspirational story.

Recipes by Two Raw Sisters

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