Schweppes Traditionals

Schweppes has recently launched its new Schweppes Traditionals range, designed to appeal to adults looking for a delicious drink with quality ingredients and authentic flavours.

Schweppes has been making drinks for 230 years and was the first ever soda brand in the world. The new Schweppes range celebrates the brand’s heritage and proudly announces that they are the “Finest sodas since 1783”.

Schweppes Traditionals is available in Classic Ginger Beer with brewed ginger, a new Spicy Ginger Beer which is an ‘extra strong’ variant with an intense ginger kick, Light Ginger Beer with just four calories, Lemon Lime & Bitters and Old Fashioned Lemonade made with real lemon juice.

The new range offers a premium soda experience and has been tailored to appeal to adults who want to balance out their busy lives with the occasional tasteful indulgence.

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