Omega Seafood

Omega Seafood mussels & clams are ready to prepare in your favourite recipe… or serve straight from the pack. Not only that, they will keep in your fridge for 12 months from production date, with no additives!!

The shellfish are scrubbed, partially de-bearded, placed in a retort bag (non BPA, USFDA approved), vacuum sealed, then lightly (but fully) pressure cooked.

In 2012, blue shell mussels joined the range. Sweeter and softer than the greenshell™, they add authenticity to paella and bouillabaisse.

Life doesn’t always allow time to scrub mussels, de-sand clams… or to eat anything within a 3 day expiry date. We all know that we should be eating more Omega 3 oils, Omega Seafood makes it easy to do so. These Marlborough Sounds mussels, and Otago clams are a delicious, nutritional hit!

Omega Seafood mussels & clams are the hassle free way to satisfy the ‘shellfish lovers’ in your household. Come and enjoy a tasting, take recipes and grab a bag for a hearty chowder or pasta today!

Recipes by Omega Seafood

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