Ever wish your meal planning, shopping lists and grocery delivery could be done for you? Well, that’s why we exist.

MenuAid is a weekly, peronsalised meal planning platform and intelligent shopping list sidekick, tailored to you and your tastes.

We'll send you 5 fresh, seasonal recipes each week, and give you access to over 500 past recipes, all for $4 per week.

New Products in Christchurch 2022

Balanced Plan

Our balanced plan is created for just that - balanced nutrition and a balanced lifestyle. We’ve created our recipes to give you all of the protein, carbs, minerals and nutrients you need, sneakily hidden in 5 delicious weekly meals (including one meat-free meal, but we won’t tell anyone if you add it back in).

VegeFix Plan

Vegetarians, we haven’t forgotten you - our VegeFix plan delivers 5 completely-meat free meals per week. With fresh, seasonal produce at the core of our recipes, VegeFix gives dinner-time delights equally rich in protein, high in fibre and guaranteed to please. And, nearly all recipes are easily adapted to be vegan too!

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