Manuka Love

Manuka Love

Manuka Love is a NZ fully owned and operated company driven by passion to bring you honey from our native forests. We harvest and source New Zealand’s best honey ensuring that it is natural, raw and untreated.

From the start, Manuka Love set out to bring real, high quality honey from passionate beekeepers back to the world. We speak quality through excellent beekeeping practice. We are devoted to our bees and we believe this makes our honey nothing but the purest. Our artisan beekeepers are passionate about their bees, the environment, and sustainable and ethical bee keeping practices.

Manuka Love honey marks the essence of quality and we are set to be award winning for the naturalness and rawness of our soulful honey. We bring those old traditional methods of beekeeping, where the process is solely by hand labor, handcrafted with love, from genuine beekeepers.

Truly authentic foods number only a handful in today’s world, but our values have always guided us towards nature.

Recipes by Manuka Love

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