The Barista Academy

We create Barista’s with true expertise

At The Barista Academy we don't just teach you how to make coffee we turn you into an ”EXPERT”

True mastery takes time, you simply cannot be an expert without consistent practice and refinement of your skills.

We take the time to refine your skills and pass on our years of knowledge that simply cannot be learnt in a short course.

We craft you into an expert because expert Barista’s earn more, work in the best places and become the next generation of coffee gurus.

After 19 years in the coffee industry and 8 years training more than 2,500 Barista's through short courses, HSI and City & Guilds, we wanted to deliver a training program that did more than just teach you theory and how to make 1-2 cups.
Every class is practical, hands-on and designed for the maximum assimilation of new information. You create lasting muscle memory patterns so your brain and body to sync when you make coffee, becoming a true coffee expert.

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