2013 Waipara Hills Equinox Pinot Gris is awarded 4.5 Stars by Cuisine


The 2013 Waipara Hills Equinox Pinot Gris has received 4.5 Stars and the prized ‘Recommended by Cuisine’ sticker.

Waipara Hills Equinox wines are of limited edition and lovingly hand-crafted to capture the unique essence of the Waipara Valley.

Waipara Hills winemaker, Simon McGeorge said “2013 was a superb season, producing fruit with full flavour so it really shouldn’t be a surprise to see the wines that came out of that year looking so good now.

Most winemakers will have to choose whether to preserve the freshness of the young wine or push for richness with the risk of losing vibrancy. Waipara has this classy ability to deliver both without fuss or fanfare.”

The Cuisine panel described it as “a fascinating, distinctive wine. Attractive flavours – pear, spice and nuts come swathed in a robe of toast. There is plenty of richness and sweetness, but focus is maintained by the fine line of acidity”.

“Layers of intrigue,” noted Cuisine’s John Belsham, while Jane Boyle said she liked the fact “it is so different.”  

Cuisine is synonymous with its highly respected, independent wine tastings, and the results over the years have formed an invaluable buying guide, allowing readers to trust the familiar Recommended by Cuisine sticker.

This Cuisine recommended 2013 Waipara Hills Equinox Pinot Gris is available from all good fine wine retail stores and will be available for tasting at The Food Show in Christchurch 8th – 10th April.