totallykiwi 100% New Zealand grown and produced


Welcome to totallykiwi, a new range of products that are 100% New Zealand grown & produced, and traceable back to their origin.

Traceability and product safety have grown in importance as reports of adulteration occur from around the world; consumers are calling for increased transparency, credibility and accountability from food manufacturers, suppliers and retailers. It is this demand for product guarantees that inspired the birth of totallykiwi.

totallykiwi Is unique in that all of its products carry a traceability reference. This unique reference allows consumers to trace their product back to its origin, by visiting the ‘Trace your Product’ section of the totallykiwi website

To launch the new totallykiwi range, we are proud to introduce our delicious Infused Flax Seed Oils, grown and produced in Canterbury, and traceable back to the paddock … from Soil to Oil®

Our range of Infused Oils have been born out of our passion to create healthy edible oils that taste great and are a joy to use in the kitchen. Flax Seed Oil has long been known as a nutritional supplement rich in Omega 3, an Essential Fatty Acid vital for health. It is often found in capsule form in health stores, but with its fresh nutty flavour and delicate taste, it is a great addition to the pantry and perfect to use in favourite dishes.

(Visit us at site # J10 to taste these delicious oils – The Food Show Auckland)