Totally Kiwi Infused Flax Seed Oils - Rich in Omega 3 and good for you!


TK Extra Virgin Flax Seed Oils are a new range of infused oils that are delicious and good for you! All New Zealand grown and produced, and cold pressed for quality and taste, our gourmet oils add excitement to your favourite dish. Choose from Garlic, Citrus, Chilli & Lime, Mixed Herbs or Original (unflavoured), and use for dips and dressings, or simply drizzle over your favourite meal. Flax Seed Oils is one of nature's richest sources of Omega 3 (ALA), an Essential Fatty Acid vital for health. Essential Fatty Acids cannot be produced in the body so it is vital they are obtained from the foods we eat. Our new TK Infused Flax Seed Oils are a delicious way of ensuring you get the Omega 3 your body needs.

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for you!