The Food Show 2015 | Auckland on the Menu


Meet the exhibitors

Auckland and its surrounding regions are renowned for quality wine, delicious seafood, fresh produce and an innovative approach to food and beverage product development. These will all combine at ‘Auckland on the Menu’, a popular 'market- style' stand appearing at The 2015 Food Show in Auckland. Read on to find out more about some of the exhibitors at Auckland on the Menu this year.

Dr Feel Good (
Dr Feelgood Ice Pops are free of refined sugar, gluten and soy, and are organic, low GI and low-cal - but big on flavour. Dr Feelgood uses coconut sugar, honey and natural fruit juices to sweeten its frosty treats, which are made using ethical production practices and sustainable packaging, and without artificial colourings, preservatives or stabilisers. With six flavours available - chocoholic, raspberry lime and coconut, flat white, salted caramel, lemon manuka honey & ginger, and granny smith lime & mint, Dr Feelgood’s Ice Pops are the perfect guilt-free frozen treat.

Contact name: Craig Jackson
Phone: 021 727 460

Clean Paleo (
CleanPaleo was founded in 2013 and is owned and managed by three mates: Ryan Kamins, Mitchell McClenaghan, and Arthur Green. The company provides convenient packaged foods which cater to the fundamental principles of the paleo lifestyle. The range currently includes protein powders, breakfast blends, dried beef, and coconut fruit snacks. These products are currently available in retail outlets nation-wide throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Contact name: Ryan Kamins
Phone: 021 444 078

Durello (
Durello Traditional Brazilian Foods has made a name for itself over the last 18 months, winning a 2014 NZ Food Award, and being named ‘best of the best creative companies 2015 by NZ Food Technology News and a finalist in the 2014 Fine Food Awards. You can enjoy some Brazilian culture and savouries at Auckland on the Menu, where Durello will be serving its famous cheese bread and chicken delight products. Brazilian cheese bread (Pão de Queijo) is a unique delicacy made with gluten free manioc starch imported from Brazil. Crispy outside and amazingly soft and chewy inside, it’s the first product of its kind in the New Zealand market. Brazilian chicken delight (Coxinha, pronounced ‘ko-sheen-ya’ is Brazil’s most famous savoury, with a soft, shredded creamy chicken inside surrounded by soft, buttery dough with a beautiful crispy crust. You’ll love it as an appetizer, or as part of your main dish.

Contact name: Barbara Scholten
Phone: 021 264 3850

Kokako (
Kokako is a specialty coffee roaster which specialises in certified organic Fairtrade coffee. Kokako will be showcasing its espresso blends and cold brew coffee at Auckland on the Menu in a beautifully restored vintage Citroen H van – affectionately known as ‘the Tinman’. All coffee will be made on a LaMarzocco FB80 espresso machine by top Kokako baristas. Kokako will be offering tastings of its non-pressurised coffees through the Chemex, an elegant, gravity-fed coffee maker made of borosilicate glass and held together by a wooden knuckle, as well as limited edition Bodum copper plungers. Guests can sample Kokako’s full suite of coffees, from popular blends such as Aotea and Rangatira through to fully washed and naturally processed single origin coffees from Peru, Ethiopia and Mexico. Kokako espresso, cold brew, retail coffee and coffee subscriptions will be on sale, as will Chemex and Bodum kits.

Contact name: Mike Murphy
Phone: 021 566 657

The Gourmet Within (
Mark Griffiths was travelling the world working as a chef when he had the good fortune to meet his Kiwi wife, Carmel, who was on her OE. They have since travelled the world and shared many fabulous food experiences together, such as staying at Agriturismo Fattoria di Vagli in Tuscany, Italy, where the farming family work the land and cook their own organic produce. After returning to Auckland and teaching professional cookery for years, Mark and Carmel now live on a small vineyard in Matakana, their own rural retreat where The Gourmet Within was born. The Gourmet Within showcases the best Matakana products, offering a truly unique New Zealand local food experience. A food hub for the Matakana region, The Gourmet Within supports and promotes local food producers by running food tours, running a commercial kitchen for development and production, and hosting cookery classes.

Contact name: Carmel Draper
Phone: 021 100 9607

King of Kiwi (
King of Kiwi are kiwifruit specialists and have created two delicious kiwifruit-based superfoods in a bottle – Kiwi Digestive and Kiwi Reviver. King of Kiwi products deliver significant health benefits without a dangerous sugar spike – a development King of Kiwi founder Glenn Elliott says is “the biggest story in food and beverage this decade.” King of Kiwi’s active kiwi fibre is the antidote to the natural carbohydrates found in fruit, and allows your body to use its own intelligence to digest the Digestive or Reviver slowly and naturally. The King of Kiwi works with your body, not against it. King of Kiwi is the perfect choice for people that care about their health – both now and into the future.

Contact name: Glenn Elliott
Phone: 021 618 135

Bonnie Goods (
Bonnie Goods is an artisan bakery, established in 2013 by Morgan Claire Maw and husband, Nic. Bonnie Goods make oatcakes which are rolled, cut and baked by hand in central Auckland. The journey began in 2010 while Morgan and Nic were living in Edinburgh, Scotland, where they were introduced to some great local fare, including single malt whisky and the national cracker – the excellent oatcake. A keen baker from a young age, Morgan set out to perfect her own oatcake recipe from their little flat in Leith. On their return home in 2013, Morgan and Nic began selling Bonnie Oatcakes beside the cheesemonger at La Cigale French Market. Bonnie Goods is now stocked in more than 60 stores around New Zealand. Sourcing locally is important to Morgan and Nic, who use oats from Otago and Southland, organic Marlborough sea salt and linseed straight off their family’s farm in South Canterbury.

Contact name: Morgan Man
Phone: 027 812 5329

WOOP delivers a gourmet food box to your door, containing all the ingredients you need to prepare three amazing dinners per week. A chef prepares all the ingredients you need such as pre-made sauces, so you can enjoy a fresh and tasty meal in just 15 minutes. WOOP offers two gourmet meal plans: the 'couple' for two adults and the 'family' for four adults. WOOP sources the freshest ingredients from New Zealand's best suppliers, offering you the tastiest recipes from all around the world using ingredients that are free-range and 100% natural. Put simply, WOOP is faster, fresher, better. At Auckland on the Menu, WOOP will be serving a delicious French duck breast with orange sauce, a tamarind fish with a mix of Thai and Indian flavours, or its secret Spanish paprika and lemon chicken.

Contact name: Thomas Dietz
Phone: 021 406 664

Glenbrook Cheese Company (
The Glenbrook Cheese Company truly defines the word ‘artisan’ when it comes to cheese. Blending traditional styles with local character, owner and cheese maker Lyn Haycock lovingly creates each small batch of cheese by hand. Glenbrook Cheese Company uses certified A2 Gurnsey cows grazed on fresh, green Glenbrook pastures to produce premium milk known as ’Gurnsey gold’, prized for its cheese making qualities. Glenbrook Cheese Company’s range is seasonal, with the cheese making adjusted to best suit the natural seasonal changes in the milk. A farm gate store allows Lyn to talk to her customers and gain their feedback while imparting her knowledge. A close knit family adds their own skills to the business, developing the company into a strong participant in Auckland’s growing artisan food scene.

Contact name: Lyn Haycock
Phone: 027 325 3232

Poppy & Olive (
As a coeliac and keen baker, Sophie Williamson had long been making her own nut butters  from scratch. After insistence from those who'd tried her butters, she took the plunge and left behind the security of a Government job to follow her foodie dream - and so Poppy & Olive was born. Poppy & Olive's butters are made in Auckland from the best quality ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible. Poppy & Olive is getting set to launch a new product range which will shake up the way New Zealanders consumer nut butters, which Sophie says "are so much more than just a spread!"

Contact name: Sophie Williamson
Phone: 021 229 6300

Waffle Supreme (
Waffle Supreme is Auckland’s only specialist in real Belgian waffles, including the traditional 'Gaufre de Liège’, an 18th century recipe created by the personal chef to a Liege lord. These artisanal waffles are made from a yeast leavened dough, studded with Belgian Pearl sugar lumps and Tahitian vanilla. Unlike American waffles which are made from a liquid pancake batter, the 'Liege waffle' is dense, slightly chewy and crunchy, with edges of rustic caramel - the perfect street food snack. Waffle Supreme operate their 'atelier' (workshop) from a modified shipping container on Elliot Street, central Auckland, where everything is prepared from scratch and served straight onto the street. They also offer unique and sumptuous toppings such as Belgian 'speculoos' cookie butter, dark chocolate fondue drizzled generously on top, maple custard with walnuts, or homemade lemon curd. Perfect with an espresso coffee or drinking chocolate.

Contact name: Andrew Graham
Phone: 027 757 3375

The Gluten Free Store (
After Liz Jury was diagnosed with coeliac disease in 2009, she and her husband, Mike, started researching the market to find gluten free products. They realised there were lots of potential customers who wanted to buy not only gluten free flours, but also good quality, pre-mixed ingredients. From this, The Gluten Free Store was born in 2012. Mike says: “Back then it didn’t seem that the taste and texture of gluten free products compared favourably with conventionally baked goods. Soon we started to trial a range of easy to prepare bakery mixes.” Liz and Mike put a great deal of time and effort into perfecting these recipes. Mike continues: “The huge support and positive feedback we have received, and continue to get from our growing customer base, has been one of the most rewarding aspects of our business and has encouraged us to invest in our own production and product development facility. This facility will commence production in August 2015.”

Contact name: Mike Jury
Phone: 027 292 8524

Naaz (
Naaz authentic Indian curry pastes was founded in 2011, after founders Riyaz Jalil and his wife Nazra visited Hobsonville Point farmers market. During this visit, Nazra was inspired to produce a curry paste to sell. The pair approached market organisers who were looking to diversify their product range and agreed to give them a stand. Riyaz says: “Both of us being from finance and management backgrounds, we had no idea about food as a business. We did however have an opportunity to meet Terry and Karlene of Earthbound Honey, who helped us make some samples and distributed it amongst their friends. Their response simply blew us away.” Naaz curry pastes are based on Nazra’s grandmother’s 150-plus year old recipe, with Riyaz and Nazra embarking on a mission to recreate her wonderful flavours. Riyaz says: “After a number of trials we identified the best combinations of spices, without adding any artificial ingredients.”

Contact name: Riyaz Jalil
Phone: 021 628 384

Ahi Kā Tonics (
Ahi Kā Tonics make tea using tea leaves native to New Zealand, with a focus on wellness and health and based on traditional Māori herbal remedies. The Kawakawa and Kūmarahou leaves serve as the base for Ahi Kā Tonic’s two products, with ingredients like fresh ginger root, turmeric root, wheatgrass, mānuka honey and lime juice added, amongst others. Ahi Kā Tonics cultivate the Kawakawa and Kūmarahou leaves wild, in the bush on Great Barrier Island where owner, Tama, grew up. Ahi Kā Tonics also source mānuka honey from hives on the island. Both tonics have specific traditional uses; the Kawakawa leaf tonic was used to settle the stomach and the Kūmarahou leaf tonic was used as an aid for the respiratory system. Tama says: “Our ingredients are organic and we use no processed sugars or preservatives. Mauri ora.”

Contact name: Tama Toki
Phone: 021 426 388

Sarah’s Cornish Pasties (
Sarah’s Cornish Pasties was established about eight years ago by Lancashire native Sarah Stacey and her Cornish husband, John, with current owners Alan and Dolores Trevan taking over in 2014. Alan and Dolores have a long history in hospitality, having run a café and catering businesses and Pukekohe’s Grapevine Café & Restaurant – where Alan’s pasties were the stuff of legend. Delores also looked after high profile investor Eric Watson’s estate and was his personal chef. Since taking over Sarah’s Cornish Pasties, Alan has focused on the wholesale side of the business, with the company now shipping its Cornish pasties, eccles cakes, free range pork sausage rolls and various slices around the country. If you want to taste a genuine traditional Cornish pasty then give Sarah’s Cornish Pasties a go – you won’t be disappointed.

Contact name: Alan Trevan
Mobile: 021 050 8727

Matakana Coast (
The good things in life are only a short 45 minute drive north of Auckland’s city centre, where you’ll find Matakana Coast Wine Country – a haven for foodies and wine connoisseurs. It’s true that Matakana Coast Wine Country feels a little smug about its food and wine. It’s hard not to when surrounded by a lush cornucopia of fertile farms and award-winning vineyards – and a pristine coastline teeming with seafood. The creativity of local food growers, producers and manufacturers is showcased every weekend at farmers markets from Puhoi to Matakana. You'll also find a wide selection of local foods available at most cafes & restaurants throughout the region. Gourmet experiences, from pubs and cafés to haute cuisine, is what Matakana Coast Wine Country is all about.

Featuring on this stand:
Salumeria Fontana
Matakana Coast Olive Oil
Matakana Nut Butters
Carew Kitchen Almond Milk
Heron’s Flight Verjus
Matakana Smoke House
Matakana Farmers Market 

Contact name: Olivia Austin
Phone: 09 425 9081

We Love Food (
We Love Food is an artisan food and hospitality management company located in the heart of Matakana. We Love Food specialises in any bespoke event or occasions (think music, 40th or 80th birthdays, and celebrations of life). You will love We Love Food’s ‘WLF’ range of condiments, sauces and self-catering options too. With a combined experience of 60 years in the industry, We Love Food is your naturally local Matakana choice. We Love Food loves food... Do you?

Contact name: Cameron Travan
Phone: 021 151 3025

Cathedral Cove Macadamia nuts (
Cathedral Cove Macadamias are handpicked and certified organic, high in fibre and antioxidants, and are an extremely healthy snack. The nuts are grown in Brian and Sue Pilkington's orchard in the Coromandel, where native birds thrive along with an abundance of native and fruit trees. Self-guided tours of the orchard are available and you can buy the nuts from an on-site store, where macadamia oil, dukkah, sprinkle and orchard honey are also available.

The Pour House (
Neil and Karen Vowles are the passion behind The Pour House, a lifestyle brewery situated minutes from Hahei Beach in the Coromandel. Each small scale brew (350 litres) is fastidiously handcrafted by Neil for the discerning beer drinker. Brewed the traditional way, with all-grain recipes and lots of the best New Zealand hops, there are a variety of beers available. Try the Munted Monk (an abbey-style beer brewed with Belgian trappist yeast), the Easy Rider pale ale, or Cloud 9, The Pour House’s version of a classic Belgian wheat beer spiced with coriander and mandarin peel sourced from a Coromandel orchard.

Wilderland Honey and Preserves (
Wilderland is a centre for sustainable living located on 64 hectares of regenerating native bush land beside the Whitianga estuary. Here, organic honey and preserves are produced to feed volunteers and residents. With a commercial kitchen on-site, Wilderland also sells its own certified organic preserves, jams, chutney and honey from its shop, located just 10 minutes out of Whitianga, or at local farmers’ markets. All products are gluten and chemical free.

The Cheese Barn at Matatoki ( 
Established in 1984, The Cheese Barn at Matatoki sells organic cheeses, yoghurt, butter and ghee made on- site by owner and cheese maker Kelvin Haigh. All products are unhomogenised, gluten and GE free, with no artificial additives, antibiotics, growth hormones or chemical sprays. Some of the organic cheeses Kelvin produces includes halloumi, cumin seed gouda, kallarney blue and sun-dried tomato and basil feta to taste. Kelvin's wife, Cathy, runs The Cheese Barn cafe, which is a popular stop on The Hauraki Rail Trail from Thames to Paeroa, allowing cyclists to enjoy a flat and leisurely ride with quiet country roads alongside the Firth of Thames.

Franklin Tourism
Franklin Tourism Group is a membership of like-minded businesses wanting to promote Auckland’s Southern country. This fantastic and varied region is a short drive yet a world apart from the bustle of the big city. The Franklin region is home to a wide array of attractions including the natural wonders of coastal Kariotahi, Maraetai and Awhitu, outdoor pursuits such as pristine golf experiences, kayaking, mountain biking and hiking. You may prefer indulgences like amazing food and wine including farm gate operations, friendly cafes and top end restaurants. To really experience Franklin’s flavours, why not take your time and enjoy traditional and modern boutique accommodation and even glamping! It’s all here right on your doorstep. For now though, Franklin Tourism Group wants to give you a ‘taste’ of what it can offer, what the locals already experience daily and what they want to share with the rest of the nation. New Zealand’s food basket is better than ever.

Contact name: Nicky Swan
Phone: 021 288 1255

Earthpac: Earthpac addresses the global problem of packaging waste disposal by producing environmentally friendly, food safe packaging. Earthpac is the brainchild of Richard Williams, brought about by his concern for world-wide environmental pollution caused by non-sustainable packaging. Richard – an aircraft engineer by trade - looked to the food industry’s waste products to help solve this problem. The result was the development of a fully sustainable product and packaging range using Richard’s unique potato starch formulation. The company produces a range of disposable plates, cutlery and packaging trays, under the Potatopak brand, for use in the food industry, takeaway and medical market sectors. Earthpac trays are certified as fully compostable under the internationally recognised European Testing Standard, and break down and return to nature in five weeks with no harmful by-products.

Contact name: Peter Gibson
Phone: 027 492 9326

NZ School of Food and Wine
NZ School of Food & Wine: Founded by Celia Hay, the New Zealand School of Food & Wine has been educating the next generation of chefs, restaurant & café owners, wine professionals and food lovers since 1995. Located in Auckland’s Viaduct, the New Zealand School of Food & Wine offers NZQA certificates catering for young people seeking careers in cookery, hospitality and wine along with pathways into events, café and restaurant management. It also offers many short courses over weekends and evenings for wine lovers and foodies wanting to up skill. Taught by a team of industry professionals, chefs and sommeliers who are experts in their field and focused on the success of our students, NZSFW offers small classes with an emphasis on hands-on practical experience. As an authorised British WSET® Wine Award provider, the New Zealand School of Food & Wine’s wine programme qualifications are respected and recognised worldwide.

Contact name: Celia Hancock
Phone: 021 614 322

Antoinettes High Tea and Cake Shop
Antoinette’s High Tea & Cake Shop creates hand-crafted sweet treats, savouries and elegant high teas which are whimsical and indulgent, and tantalisingly beautiful: from decadent chocolate cakes filled and topped with chocolate ganache through to delicious, gluten-free macrons. Janet Cussen, owner and culinary visionary, began her professional career as a chef working for the French Café. Following travel and cooking in Europe, Janet returned to Auckland to work at Orsini’s Restaurant and Antoine’s Restaurant. A desire for change saw Janet move to the corporate world, catering for special events. She and her partner Keith Strode-Penny had always envisaged creating a food business that bought together culinary and visual artistry though, and the result is Antoinette’s High Tea & Cake Shop – a place where fine food is enjoyed with friends and family in an atmosphere of warmth, or translated into Dutch as “gezellige sfeer”.

Contact name: Janet Strode-Penny
Phone: 021 085 07735

Mad Pie Company

Contact name: Stephen Tomuri
Phone: 021 171 1790