Nurture your sweet tooth. Nourish your body. Take the fuss and confusion out of healthy baking!


Do you or a loved one suffer from allergies? Or are you simply wanting to improve your health, without compromising on your treats? Well the hunt is over! Hunter Gatherer Gourmet have all the answers to your healthy baking prayers with our delicious range of gluten, grain, dairy and refined sugar free baking mixes.

A commitment to clean, healthy eating doesn't have to mean boredom and deprivation - it's a lifestyle not a life sentence! Our convenient, easy to use baking mixes mean you can still enjoy your favourite goodies, while fuelling your body with optimum nutrition - it's baking that's good for body and soul!

Quality food can only be made with quality ingredients and we use only the best components to make our products taste good, while making you feel great, inside and out.

The Paleo diet has received a lot of media exposure in recent months; both good and bad. While there are certainly many variations of a Paleo diet, at its heart is the message to eat unprocessed foods as close to their natural state as possible.

Eating real, nutrient-dense food is common sense. It is also a way to ensure your body, and that of your loved ones, function optimally day in, day out. Just as we were designed to.

The ingredients in our Hunter Gatherer Gourmet Baking Mixes are natural and ethically-sourced. No preservatives, additives, chemicals, refined sugar, dairy or gluten. Hunter Gatherer Gourmet is a small, local, family-run business. It is born out of the desire to create simple delicious, health-giving food while taking the confusion out of the process.

“When I made the change to paleo eating I found it was hard trying to keep a stock of all the necessary healthy ingredients and I always had to buy more than I needed which was costly and took up all my pantry space. I wanted to create a standard fail-proof, and easily adaptable recipe to use for day to day baking for the family” Julena Nola, founder and owner of Hunter Gatherer Gourmet.

“The Hunter Gatherer Gourmet Baking Mixes mean I only have what I need and nothing else.” Hannah Denton, customer.

“I love that the HGG mixes produce a result that is just as good - or better - than the 'real' thing, there's no dry, flavourless disappointment with them! They're the perfect product for anyone wanting to transition into a clean or paleo way of eating without missing out on their favourite baked treats” Katie Clitherow.

Healthy baking need not be a compromise on taste, texture or quality. It’s our mission to get New Zealanders enjoying nutritious food and loving life.

The current range of Chocolate, Vanilla and Ginger baking mixes are available at Farro Fresh, Wilder & Hunt, Boric Food Market, IE Produce, Nola’s Orchards and online at

Create. Nourish. Thrive.