Meet the SABATO Cheesemonger, Calum Hodgson, at The Food Show!


“I’m a Curd Nerd. Cheese slapped me in the face with all its complexity while I was on my extended OE. It felt good and I’ve wanted more since ages ago. I’m fortunate to be in an occupation where I get paid to taste and talk about my muse. Life is nothing without obsession. Social media is a healthy outlet for this, and a welcome respite for my lovely wife from my constant cheese natterings.”

Asking a cheesemonger to select a favourite cheese was foolhardy, I admit, and Calum Hodgson a self-confessed ‘curd nerd’, soon put me straight.

"Selecting a cheese is easy. Selecting a favourite is folly. I could never declare only one as a favourite. I want my customers to taste a range of cheese on the day they visit. It's a fun food adventure, and a reminder that each batch of cheese will be different from the next."

Calum is the dedicated cheesemonger at SABATO. With New Zealander's interest in artisan cheese and cheese making growing exponentially, SABATO decided it was time to bring in a specialist. Calum is a non-stop enthusiast on all things cheese, helping introduce New Zealand to the concept of a cheesemonger – a person who buys and sells cheeses.

His constant interaction with suppliers means that he and cheesemakers can work together, developing and refining cheeses based on customer response. Calum, formerly of the famous Neal’s Yard Dairy, London, is a font of knowledge. He could talk about cheese forever and even blogs about it on the Sabato blog.

Visit Sabato at The Food Show next to the VIP Lounge (stand Q12) to meet Calum and find out how he can make your life more cheesy.