Hello, honey lovers!


Welcome to J. Friend and Co where we are unashamedly obsessed with honey, the oldest and most delectable food in the world!

At J. Friend and Co we have set out to create honey the way it used to taste. We spend our days seeking out the most flavourful and complex single varietal organic honey from throughout New Zealand. Working with a select group of artisan beekeepers we harvest, bottle and deliver a taste experience like no other.

In a fast paced world where most food is produced on mass by machinery not people, we pride ourselves on our hands on, boutique operation. At J. Friend and Co real people use time honoured traditions to ensure that all the quirks and vicissitudes of climate and vegetation and the miraculous hive mind are expressed in each and every jar of J. Friend and Co honey. Most commercial honey has had its character stripped from it. Industrial production has sterilised it and made it into a commodity, ignoring the subtleties of its origin.

J. Friend and Co honey is pure honey, 100% natural and 100% delicious!
J. Friend and Co honey truly ‘speaks’ of a particular place and time- the honeys texture, flavour and colour are all influenced by where and when our honey was harvested. Like wine, honey can have good and bad vintages, we hand pick only the best honey from each vintage for our honey fans to enjoy.

From our very humble beginnings 4 years ago at the local farmers market, we have been committed to operating in an ethically and environmentally responsible manner. J. Friend and Co honey is certified organic and carbon neutral- these certifications take time, expense and hard work to achieve but are worth it as it guarantees each and every jar of J. Friend and Co honey is produced without harming people, animals, our planet or our millions of workers, (our busy honey bees!)

Traceability and transparency are an integral part of our brand; J. Friend and co honey is traceable right back to the hive from which it was collected. The date and origin of harvest and the name of the beekeeper are all proudly displayed on every jar of J. Friend and Co honey- so you can be sure of exactly where your precious jar of honey originated from.

J. Friend and Co was created to return life to honey and dignity to the artisan beekeeper and we believe we have done that. Our mission has always been to create the world’s best honey without any compromises!