Healthy eating on the menu at The Food Show


Some of New Zealand’s finest food producers are preparing for The Food Show at Auckland’s ASB Showgrounds (30 July – 2 August), including thirty one artisan and boutique food businesses taking part in the popular Auckland on the Menu pop up exhibition space.

Auckland on the Menu has been a feature of The Food Show in Auckland since 2012, with Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) organising the space to showcase food and beverage businesses and emerging food trends.

Patrick McVeigh, ATEED’s General Manager Business, Innovation & Skills, says the producers taking part in Auckland on the Menu this year reflect current trends in the food and beverage industry.

“Auckland and our surrounding regions are renowned for quality wine, seafood, fresh produce and an innovative approach to new product development, and these will all combine at Auckland on the Menu this year.

“Visitors to Auckland on the Menu this year will find out how food can introduce them to a healthier way of living, with a focus on gluten free and paleo products,” he says.

ATEED has worked with many businesses taking part in Auckland on the Menu, providing advice on subjects ranging from sourcing suppliers through to attracting investors.

One such business is CleanPaleo, an Auckland-based health food company founded by The Bachelor star Arthur Green, Black Caps fast bowler Mitchell McClenaghan and Ryan Kamins, which produces four health products based on the paleo or ‘caveman’ diet.

CleanPaleo’s products are made from ingredients that are hunted or found naturally rather than processed, including whole foods such as fish, meats, regional vegetables, fruit, leafy greens, nuts and seeds.

Ryan Kamins, CleanPaleo’s Chief Executive Officer, says: “It’s common for people to question the paleo diet, but when they do their research and try it, they don’t regret using it. People are now more aware of what they put into their bodies, and everyone agrees it’s important to maintain a nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle.”

Other products available to sample and purchase at Auckland on the Menu range from drinking tonics based on traditional Māori herbal remedies and cold water feed coffee to gluten free flours and pre-mixed ingredients and healthy iceblocks.

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