Healthier multicooker for clearer conscience


Let’s face it, in this day and age most of us are a bit hesitant to deep fry our food.

But now there’s a new way to create a range of healthy recipes using very little oil. And it’s extremely easy to use and clean.

DēLonghi’s innovative new Multifry appliance combines a low oil fryer and multi-cooker – you can create everything from risottos and stews to pizzas, cakes and pies.

The revolutionary new appliance is so advanced it gained a Plus-X Best Product of the Year Award in the hot air fryer category in 2014. The German awards highlight the world’s best brands in a huge range of categories.

The secret is the cooker’s surround heating system technology – SHS. You can prepare an extraordinary range of recipes using very little oil, surrounding the food with heat to cook it evenly.

The patented SHS technology is unique to the low oil fryer market. It works like this:

• An upper heating element and fan deliver uniform heat from above either as convection or grill.
• Heat from the lower element rises from the bottom of the appliance, speeding the cooking process and improving the quality of cooking.
• Centralised air flow enables simultaneous convection and grill cooking preventing food from drying.
• There’s a removable mixing paddle that takes care of stirring the food automatically so you don’t need to manually stir meals such as stews, sauces and risottos.
• Remove the paddle and you can cook meat and fish fillets and even bake pizzas, cakes and quiches.

So how does the DēLonghi Multifry perform cooking one of our Kiwi favourites - chips?

DēLonghi marketing manager Davina Gray-Ebbett says it’s an extremely healthy cooking alternative. “You don’t need any additional oil at all for cooking frozen chips and only 14 ml of oil to cook a kilo of fresh potatoes.”

DēLonghi says fresh potatoes cooked in the Multifry contain less fat at around 2.8 per cent. According to The Chip Group guidelines the frying oil chip shop industry standard is 28 per cent saturated fat and 1 per cent trans-fat.

There are two DēLonghi Multifry models, the classic and the extra chef. The latter comes with a pre-programmed dial with seven pre-programmes for easy function selection and digital temperature control.

The classic machine has capacity for 1.25 kg of frozen potatoes and 1.5 kg of fresh. The Extra chef’s capacities are 1.5kg for frozen chips and 1.7 kg for fresh potatoes.

DēLonghi has developed 250 recipes. Fourteen basic recipes are included with the product and the rest are available on the DēLonghi New Zealand website – where there’s also a training video - and through a dedicated App.

The transparent lid, paddle and bowl of the DēLonghi Multifry are dishwasher safe. The classic has an RRP of $349.99 and the extra chef RRP$449.99 and are available in leading retailers nationwide from the beginning of April.