Find artisan organic products at Sabato


Why eat organic? To avoid pesticides, care for our environment and because it tastes good!

Organic does not always mean quality, for real quality you have to go further. Our specially selected artisan suppliers use traditional methods of production to create outstanding products. Many of these suppliers produce food that is certified organic or is made in keeping with organic principles.

Girolomoni is one of these artisan organic suppliers. At the Food Show you will find a selection of their pastas, cereals such as farro and barley and their balsamic vinegar at the SABATO stand. The Girolomoni brand has become synonymous with organic farming and is recognized as a pioneer of the organic movement in Italy. Their crops are carefully rotated throughout the seasons; this means that the soil is always in a condition to yield quality produce. Spring water from the hills above the fields is used for watering and no pesticides or chemicals are used in the process resulting in a superior organic product.

Salvagno is a family-run, artisanal organic olive operation based in Nesente (about 10 minutes from Verona in the north of Italy). Due to the unique microclimate of the area, the mosque (the fly that can affect olive trees) cannot survive. This means that no sprays are used, so Salvagno extra virgin olive oil is naturally organic. Giovanni Salvagno is well-respected in the olive world internationally. One of the secrets behind his fantastic oil is his invention of a modern version of the stone wheel. The stone grinding of these local olive varieties leads to an end product that is balanced and delicious.

Our Parmigiano-Reggiano producer has a unique farm, located in a park in Reggio-Emilia. This privately owned park comprises 250 hectares, half of which is wooded, with a natural lake providing all the water to the farm. They grow 80% of their feed, so it is a closed circuit of production, with high quality standards. The philosophy of the owner is to make the whole production even more ‘green’ than it is now, with plans for grassed rooftops on the barns.

In the world of organic production, patience is everything!

You can find Girolomoni products, Salvango olive oil and Parmigiano-Reggiano at the SABATO stand (Q12) at the Food Show or on the Sabato website.