Columbus Coffee provide healthy options for clean eaters


The trend towards a less-processed, cleaner style of eating is everywhere. Many report that such dietary changes have increased their energy levels and improved their general well-being. Columbus Coffee has noticed how many people are going sugar-free, paleo, gluten free, dairy free and raw in an effort to feel better. To cater for those people they have developed a Lifestyle Favourites range so these customers can find food suitable to them when they’re eating out at a café. The new range will be in all 64 stores nationwide from today.

"There's definitely large change afoot in the way people are eating," says Peter Webster, General Manager of Columbus Coffee. "With recent media focus on the effects of too much refined sugar and processed foods, many people are re-thinking their diets. We think it's really positive and want to be part of New Zealanders addressing increasing health issues. We're very excited about this new range that is suitable for people who are clean eaters or who have intolerances.”

While it might seem impossible to cater to all these groups without losing something in the way of taste, Columbus' Menu Development Manager Sarah Primrose an internationally-awarded chef, says they have spent considerable time researching for the range and have worked hard to ensure all of the options also taste great.

"We've put a lot of hours into making sure we pack maximum nutrition and flavour into this new range," says Primrose. "We know what a challenge it is for clean eaters to get food that works in with their lifestyle when they are out and about and we want to provide them with options. It also adds more choices to the dietitian and nutritionist approved range we launched two years ago. Our aim is to be somewhere where people can eat without having to compromise their clean eating choices."

The new Lifestyle Favourites range includes the following options:


  • Paleo breakfast 
  • Paleo bacon and egg muffins 
  • Paleo egg wraps 
  • Thai chicken stuffed kumara 
  • Thai chicken stuffed mushrooms 
  • Mexican meat muffins 


  • Crepes with mixed berries
  • Apple and coconut chia bircher 
  • Bliss balls 
  • Chia seed and coconut pudding 
  • Chocolate, avocado and chia pudding 
  • Raw carrot cake pops

Each store will have a minimum of two options from the range available at any time and the options available vary from café to café. For more information or an interview please contact Peter Webster, General Manager, Columbus Coffee on 021 883 852.