Canterbury in For A Culinary Surprise!


A new pop-up feature on the opening day at The Food Show Christchurch will have Cantabrians’ tongues tingling with new and exciting flavours – if they dare to put their palates on the line!

The Food Show Taste Challenge will feature new and unusual products from across New Zealand, giving the first visitors to The Food Show Christchurch a chance to test their taste buds and experience exciting new foods and flavours.

With a recent survey* showing that more than 80% of Cantabrians tend to buy the same key items each time they do a food shop, it could be time for some fresh new options to keep mealtimes a treat rather than a chore. Variety is the spice of life, after all!

In fact, only 30% of people from Christchurch see themselves as being adventurous when it comes to trying new foods, compared with 43% of the total population. However the number of people willing to try a new food jumps significantly to 70% if that food was recommended by friends or family, and almost a fifth of Cantabrians said they’d even be willing to try a huhu grub!

Despite the grubs’ surprising popularity, traditional foods still come out on top in the region, with almost 60% saying they’d recently had a roast dinner. In the same traditional vein, 70% of people from Canterbury said that it’s still important to buy locally produced foods, and Cantabrians are more likely to shop at local food markets than the rest of the country.

Those attending The Food Show Christchurch on the morning of Friday 1 May will have a chance to visit the Food Show Taste Challenge and try out some new items from the show’s exhibitors. The zone will be open to the public from 11am to 12pm. For a bit of a giggle come along earlier, from 10am – 11am to watch media, celebrities and chefs participate in a blind taste challenge.

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