ATEED showcasing health & wellbeing at The Food Show 2015


Wendy Voegelin, ATEED’s Growth Specialist Economic Development working with companies in the food and beverage sector, talks about ATEED’s involvement in this year’s Food Show, which is being held at the ASB Showgrounds from 30 July-2 August:

“Over the past five years, ATEED has built a name for itself as a market leader, innovator and predictor of trends in the food and beverage space as it works with food businesses to help them grow and take their products to market.“

As part of our commitment to the food and beverage sector, we have used the Auckland Food Show as a means of creating visibility in our work with food producers; showcasing trends; introducing the science behind food; and the businesses that are leading the way in food science and innovation.

“Today, healthy living is becoming more and more important, as is the contribution that food makes to our overall health and well-being.

“There is a drive to be healthier, more active, fitter, more energised – and as a result, we are increasingly looking at food as a way to provide these changes.
“ATEED’s focus at the Food Show has always been on fresh, unprocessed, innovative, delicious, ground breaking fantastic food. In Auckland, we have this in abundance, and some of the local businesses we work with will be showcasing it at 'Auckland on the Menu', the market-style stand we are hosting again this year.

“The Food Show introduces businesses to supply opportunities; to the trade; to consumers; and provides connections with other food producers, enabling businesses to market and promote their products to a targeted and focussed consumer audience.

“We want to show how ATEED is leading the way in identifying those businesses who support this growing trend where food is the power house to health, an improved lifestyle and wellness and where it can unleash the power, capability and freedom within you to go further, faster.

“On our stand at the Food Show this year, we will present a showcase of businesses who are leading the way in sports nutrition, with 30 ‘food-preneurs’ expected to take part.

“We will also present food producers whose products are about sustainability, stamina, strength and going the distance. And through our connections with suppliers, international companies and exporters we will help these businesses to go the distance – exporting to the world, in fact.”


For more information on ATEED’s work in the food and beverage sector please contact Wendy Voegelin by email or phone 021 247 1226.