World First - The Innovative NZ Barista Academy is Creating Coffee Experts


The Food Show Auckland 2014 marks the official launch of The Barista Academy.

After twenty years in the coffee industry and eight years teaching standard NZ barista qualifications, we have developed a practical, industry-relevant curriculum, that finally delivers benefit to both trainees and hospitality business owners.

We are proud to announce we have created a world first and are turning the conventional barista training model on its head, because it takes time to craft an expert barista - and short courses just don't cut it!

Regardless of whether trainee's are studying to be an actor, an accountant, or dreaming of being a world champion barista who owns an award winning café, becoming an expert barista will equip them with the skills and confidence to earn great money, while having fun along the way.

The Barista Academy's innovative training model

Our innovative new program offers trainee's UNLIMITED barista training classes for an annual membership fee.

Making coffee is a physical skill that must be learnt, so every class is hands-on - designed for maximum assimilation of information and the creation of new muscle memory patterns through practice and repetition.

Trainees move through the stages of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, gaining depth of knowledge, refinement of skill, as well as work ready certification as they pass each stage of mastery.

We also offer wicked specialty classes like taking a grinder apart, machine maintenance and coffee appreciation sessions. No-one ever lets you take a grinder apart!!! We do, because you need to know how it works, understanding your grinder is just one of the key's to being an expert barista.

Why UNLIMITED classes?

This has never been done before but we are moving to an UNLIMITED class program because short courses just don't deliver enough depth of knowledge or practice time.

Members of the NZ Specialty Coffee Association have also noted that traditional barista training programmes in NZ usually involve a one off class or a week's certification class. While this gives trainee's a good understanding of how to make one or two cups of coffee, it doesn't prepare them to cope in a busy work environment.

We take the time to craft expert barista's who will be able to hit the ground running and secure jobs in the best places.