Extra Fresh


Designed and made in NZ especially for domestic fridges, ExtraFresh keeps fruit and vegetables fresher for longer, decreasing spoilage and ensuring that you enjoy the best possible eating experience.

ExtraFresh is a small packet you place in the fridge at home to extend the shelf life and retain the quality of all fresh produce.  It is a miniature version of our equipment we provide commercially throughout the horticulture cool storage facilities.  They have been available for 2 years now and already presented in ‘’some’’ Foodstuffs supermarkets (North of North Island and soon to be South Island as well – Wellington will unfortunately be after the show!).  Stevens Homeware Stores also stock them nationwide.  All that to say they WORK.

All of our technologies, including ExtraFresh, remove ethylene which is the ripening hormone produced by most fruits and vegetables.  Ethylene builds up in the fridge and rapidly speeds up the ripening process causing loss of quality, loss of nutrients and an increase in spoilage (floppy broccoli, droopy lettuce, brown avocados etc).  ExtraFresh also removes bacteria, fungi spores and odours from the fridge offering an extremely healthy environment for the consumer’s ‘’expensive’’ fresh produce.  It is also safe for use on organic produce.

The concept was born at our dining room table.  My wife designed, branded and produced die-lines for finished product and also produces any marketing material we need.  I provided the active technology – the easy bit.  Original manufacture was also at the dining room table.  My 2 daughters and I have manufactured well over 15,000 packs but now have a facility available when required.  My youngest 10 year old daughter has been my best sales person at the shows – she loves it no matter who approaches the stand.  She’s gorgeous, confident and gets told all the time she does a great job of explaining the product, and sells it!  Unfortunately she won’t be available for this Wellington Show – if she knew she was getting interviewed, she’d kill me if she couldn’t go!!!

It’s not gluten free, but it’s not not gluten free either.  It is however fantastic for nutrient retention, one of the biggest bonuses of the product.  Slowing down the ripening process, safely, will retain nutrients.  This is why 5+ A Day have offered their logo on the product.  5+ have also added a new page to their website talking about fridge storage and the use of ExtraFresh, along with a link to our site.  We are proud of this.