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Christchurch: 1 – 3 May 2015
Wellington: 15 – 17 May 2015
Auckland: 30 July – 2 August 2015


New Zealand's national food and wine event

New Zealand loves The Food Show. It's where we go to stock up on the best food, drink, and kitchen equipment and learn how to cook like a star at home.

Tasting – all day long

Tasting – all day long

Taste and buy from a huge range of the latest local and international foods, wines, beers, coffees, and much more. If it's edible and delicious, you'll find it at The Food Show.

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Spread your foodie wings

Spread your foodie wings

There are so many new ideas waiting to be discovered at The Food Show it will blow your mind. Get ready to fall in love with shopping and cooking all over again.

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Get fab deals on yummy things

Get fab deals on yummy things

Yes, you'll find a truly amazing range of yummy food and drink at The Food Show - and much of it will be going for a song. Get super specials only at the show.

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Learn from NZ’s best chefs

Learn from NZ’s best chefs

An impressive roster of top celebrity chefs front up to big audiences at The Food Show and cook signature recipes 'live'. Get top tips and fresh ideas for your kitchen.

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Food? Oh yes, we’ve got food...

Food? Oh yes, we’ve got food...

Take your taste buds on a trip all over the world without leaving town. We make sampling the best cuisine from New Zealand and overseas easy by gathering the biggest, broadest, and most downright delicious selection of food all in one place.

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Wine, beer, coffee, tea, juice – if you can drink it, we’ve got it.

Thirsty for new experiences? Ready to drink in New Zealand's broadest beverage line-up? The Food Show gathers top local and international winemakers, brewers, roasters, importers, and manufacturers, so you can sip and select the liquid refreshments that warm the cockles of your heart.

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Wine, beer, coffee, tea, juice – if you can drink it, we’ve got it.
Sex up your kitchen with all the latest gadgets and appliances

Sex up your kitchen with all the latest gadgets and appliances

We go well beyond merely bringing you the finest local and international ingredients at The Food Show - we also deliver top-of-the-line kitchen equipment to make the preparation of those ingredients a pleasure in itself.

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We bring you face-to-face with superstar chefs

Cooking demonstrations from the very best Kiwi and international chefs - a unique feature of The Food Show where you can witness the Big Names cooking live, learn crucial techniques, pick up top tips, and get inspired to produce culinary magic.

At The Food Show we’re big on small-scale, artisan producers

At The Food Show we’re big on small-scale, artisan producers

You'll find plenty of wonderful foods made by dedicated artisan producers - that is, people who make traditional or specialist goods on a small scale and often by hand. The results are deliciously different from mass-produced.

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Get top recipes and tips from our chefs

Even the most dedicated foodie can only attend The Food Show a handful of days every year - the rest of the time you can delve into our massive recipe archive, get advice from top chefs, share your food stories, and add our feeds to your favourite social media through this very website.

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International flavours at The Food Show

Every year we feature dozens of delectable overseas foods and drinks alongside the best of local produce. These flags represent some of the countries whose delicacies can be found at The Food Show.

Argentina Argentina
Australia Australia
China China
India India
Italy Italy
Japan Japan
Mexico Mexico
Spain Spain


31 July - 3 August 2014
ASB Showgrounds

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1 - 3 May 2015
CBS Canterbury Arena

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15 - 17 May 2015
Westpac Stadium

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